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KUBOTA's internal Eco-Products Certification System

In June 2011, the KUBOTA Group began running its own Eco-Products Certification System to certify environmentally friendly products. Products which have fulfilled our internal requirements, which include 'energy saving,' 'resources saving and recycling,' and 'reducing environmentally hazardous substances,' are certified as 'Eco-Products,' and display our proprietary Eco-Products label. By means of this system, we are improving our range of environmentally-friendly products, and further intensifying our efforts to preserve the global environment as an environmentally leading company.

Eco-Products label

By displaying original Eco-Products label in the catalog etc. we indicate that the products have been certified as 'Eco-Products'. The mark and the environmental performance are described in the Eco-Products label.

Eco-Products label

Grade of certification

We certify the products in two stages according to their level of the environmental performance.
Grade of certification

Evaluation items

The evaluation items are as shown in the table below.

Evaluation items
Stop climate change 1. Energy saving (CO2 reduction)
Reducing energy consumption during production,
construction and use, etc.
Work towards a
recycling-based society
2. Resources saving
Reducing weight, volume, use of rare metals, etc.
3. Recycling
Using recycled plastics or recycled rare metals, etc.
Control chemical
4. Reducing environmentally hazardous substances
Reducing RoHS-designated substances,
reducing gas emissions, etc.
Other 5. Information disclosure
Notes about energy-saving operation,
recycling, disposal, etc.


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