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Environment Charter

Global environmental conservation is being actively promoted throughout the KUBOTA Group and positioned as the most important issue of business management.
Kubota Corporation enacted the “Kubota Global Identity,”our global corporate principles in October 2012. Along with the enactment of new corporate principles, we have also revised our Environment Charter and Environmental Action Guidelines.

Kubota Group Environment Charter

・The Kubota Group aspires to create a society where sustainable development is possible on a global scale.
・The Kubota Group contributes to the conservation of global and local environments through its environmentally friendly operations, products, and technologies.

Kubota Group Environmental Action Guidelines

  1. Environmental Conservation Efforts in All Business Activities
    • (1)We promote environmental conservation measures in all stages of our corporate activities, including product development, production, sales, physical distribution, and service.
    • (2)We also request that our suppliers understand the importance of environmental conservation efforts and cooperate in this regard.
  2. Global Environmental Conservation
    • (1)We promote global environmental conservation measures for stopping climate change, creating a recycling- based society, and controlling chemical substances.
    • (2)We promote global environmental conservation by providing technologies and products contributing to solving environmental problems.
    • (3)We strive to ensure our corporate activities are friendly to the natural environment and biodiversity.
  3. Environmental Protection to Create a Symbiotic Relationship with Local Societies
    • (1)We make efforts in the reduction of environmental risks and promote our business activities with proper consideration for the protection of local environments, including pollution prevention.
    • (2)We actively participate in environmental beautification/education activities in local communities.
  4. Our Voluntary and Organized Efforts in Environmental Conservation
    • (1)By introducing the environmental management system and establishing voluntary targets and action plans, we work on our daily business operations.
    • (2)We endeavor to enhance environmental awareness through active environmental education/enlightenment activities.
    • (3)We actively provide the stakeholders with environment-related information.
    • (4)We collect stakeholders' opinions broadly through environmental communication, and reflect the findings in our environmental activities.


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