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Automobile Industry

The automobile industry integrates all kinds of materials and technologies, including steel, glass, rubber, and plastics, to support our convenient and comfortable lifestyles. Recently, with the industry seeking materials and parts that have less of an environmental impact, Kubota's TXAX has been adopted as a base material for brake pad friction materials of a number of domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers. In addition, numerous silicon nitride ceramics products are used in the casting processes for auto parts that use aluminum, such as engines and transmissions.

Kubota's Pursuit

TXAX (Potassium Titanate)

TXAX-MA(ティーザクス MA)

Most non-asbestos brake pads produced today can be broadly classified into three types: NAO (non-asbestos organic, non-steel), low-steel, or semi-metallic. Potassium titanate is used as a base material for NAO, as well as for some low-steel types because it has high heat resistance, good thermal insulation, wear resistance, high stability of the friction coefficient, low attackability against the mating material (low Mohs hardness), noise resistance, and judder resistance.
Kubota's potassium titanate (TXAX) is in the form of plate-like large-diameter long fibers realized by a unique manufacturing method. It is a "green material" recognized as highly safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Silicon Nitride Ceramics Products

Kubota's silicon nitride ceramic material has high hardness and toughness, and demonstrates exceptional anti-wear performance under various conditions, including erosion wear and abrasive wear. It also has high resistance to corrosion by molten metals such as aluminum and chemical solutions. Utilizing its unique know-how for sintering the material using a large, high-pressure cold isostatic pressing (CIP) system or a gas pressure sintering furnace, Kubota can produce super-long large products to meet demands for a wide variety of shapes.

Related Products

TXAX is a ceramic material supplied as large diameter long fibers having a plate-like shape. Possessing highly useful material properties such as high heat resistance, thermal insulation, and friction stability, its applications include friction materials in machines, reinforcing materials for plastic and metal products, coating materials, along with many other uses.

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