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Kubota is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial materials. We cover all stages from designing
and making proposals for meeting complicated requirements through development, manufacturing, machining, and inspection.

Based on the technological expertise and experience that we have built up and refined over some 130 years
and the manufacturing values that we cherish, we can give form to any kind of customer request.

We can propose solutions that really satisfy customer needs.

We can offer value that exceeds customer expectations.

That is where our strengths lie.

Strengths of Kubota's Business Operations Strong problem-solving capabilities to devise solutions that fully meet customer needs.
That is our greatest strength.

Our greatest strength is that we possess strong problem-solving skills which enable us to unfailingly come up with the solutions customers want. Against the background of materials development and process technologies that we have been sharpening for some 130 years and based on our vast experience, we think things through from the perspective of the customer that is currently consulting us and formulate the optimal solution to the problem faced by that customer.

Technologies & Products Kubota's industrial materials support industries worldwide and contribute to the development of society.

Over many years, we have always brought more thinking to bear on our customers' problems than they have themselves and, in every case, we have solved them. In the process, we came to develop and acquire technologies and products that make us different from others. These capabilities have made us first choice for manufacturers and construction companies worldwide, and they contribute to the development of industry and society.

Working closely with customers, studying materials, and steadily improving our technologies,
we create new values that have never before been available.

To meet ever-changing market needs and customer requests
and, beyond that, to create new values that have never previously been available,
Kubota aims to realize technologies and products which only we can provide.

Perhaps, we can realize products that have been thought impossible to date,
or find applications in new markets that we have never imagined

When our unique technologies and products encounter diverse market needs,
we can create new values that have never before been available.

We are committed to ongoing research on raw materials while improving our technologies,
so that Kubota's industrial material products will continue to contribute to our customers and the development of human society and industry.