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Industrial Steel Castings

Kubota's Cast Steel Products Contribute to Industrial "Creation"

To meet increasing demand for higher temperatures, higher pressures and larger sizes, equipment, components and parts for advanced steel manufacturing processes are required to possess high levels of functionality, stable quality, and reliability. Based on casting technologies perfected over many years, Kubota has established an integrated system that encompasses all processes, from materials research through manufacturing, inspection and engineering, and has developed numerous products with ideal characteristics and functions. We also have extensive experience in the area of industrial furnaces, including atmosphere furnaces and carburizing furnaces. Bringing together all of our resources in manufacturing, sales and engineering, we are committed to identifying and proposing solutions to the problems and challenges faced by our customers.

Kubota's Pursuit

Expertise in Many various Materials and Rich Experience in Casting

1. Expertise in Many Different Materials

We propose ideal steel casting materials for applications in industrial equipment operating under extreme conditions. We supply cast products with high resistance to heat, corrosion, and abrasion for various service environments and property requirements. We offer a broad range of materials based on our long experience and successful track record.

Heat-resistant alloy:
Having engaged in research and development of heat-resistant steels for more than 50 years since the 1960s, we recommend materials with the characteristics required for cast products, including heat resistance at high temperatures, oxidation resistance, carburization resistance, and thermal shock resistance.
Corrosion-resistant alloy:
We have developed corrosion-resistant alloys for uses such as paper mill rolls and conductor rolls. Each alloy has specific corrosion resistance, high corrosion fatigue strength, and/or high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and it is used in special applications where standard corrosion-resistant alloys are inappropriate.

2. Casting Processes

[Melting]Melting:Not only carbon steels but also stainless steels, heat resistant and special high alloys are producible.  We have various melting equipment which can cater to variations of materials, product sizes, and casting methods. AOD furnaces are also available for preparing high-quality molten metal. [Casting]Centrifugal casting:In static casting, molten metal is poured into a mold and solidified to make a product. We can make cast products that are very thick or have complicated shapes, using casting plans based on our abundant experience.


Steel & Non-ferrous Metals Industry

Skid Buttons

Kubota's Proprietary Ultra-high-temperature Material [KNC01, etc.]

Furnace parts called "skid buttons(riders)", which are used on the hearth of a slab reheating furnace in the steel manufacturing process, support steel slabs in an extreme environment exceeding 1,300°C; hence, they need to be made of a material which can withstand compressive deformation at high temperatures and is also resistant to oxidation. KNC01 (Cr-base) is a material developed using Kubota's original ideas and materials technology which boasts greatly superior performance compared to conventional Co-base materials.

Our skid buttons(riders) can eliminate temperature differences in the slab (skid marks) which could not be previously done, thereby improving quality of slab, heating furnace productivity, and energy efficiency.
We also offer conventional Co-base materials as well as eco-friendly Co-free products.
Kubota recommends materials and shapes that enable users to achieve the best performance under the specific furnace temperatures and service conditions of users’ operation.

Hearth Rolls (Furnace rolls)

We manufacture a variety of hearth rolls, ranging from small- (60 mm) through large-diameter (1,500 mm) types. Among these, our large-diameter rolls for CAL (Continuous Annealing Line) and CGL (Continuous Galvanizing Line) , which are required to have high reliability, are highly rated. We can also manufacture special rolls to meet specific customer needs.

Sink Rolls for CGL

Sink rolls for continuous galvanizing lines (CGLs), used in a molten zinc pot at a temperature of about 500°C, are required to be resistant to corrosion by molten zinc.
Kubota has developed and commercialized high-performance corrosion-resistant materials.

Coiler Drums

Coiler drums are used to coil the rolled steel sheets in Steckel mills maintained in a temperature range between 900°C and 1,100°C. We have developed and commercialized materials with high strength at high temperatures, high build-up resistance, and high thermal shock resistance, and we supply them to many users both in Japan and overseas.

Heat Treatment Industry

Rotary Retorts

A rotary retort, horizontally installed in a furnace, heat-treats workpieces while conveying them along an internal spiral fin by turning the body. We can recommend an ideal material for users’ application that has heat resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, and carburization resistance.

Other Industries

Suction Rolls for paper mills

Suction rolls are perforated rolls used in paper manufacturing to dewater or convey paper materials. Used with acidic solutions, they are required to have high corrosion fatigue strength. We offer a wide variety of suction roll materials developed in-house by Kubota, from which we can recommend the best material for users’ service environments.

Rotary Kilns

A rotary kiln is a furnace cylinder (up to φ1,500 mm) for combustion of sludge, coal, etc., and firing powdered materials.
We supply materials which can meet requirements in severe environments, such as high heat resistance (800-1,200°C) or corrosion resistance.

Abrasion-resistant Dual-layer Pipes

We offer dual-layer casting pipes with an abrasion-resistant 27 Cr cast iron inner layer, which combines high ductility and abrasion resistance.

Spools/Winder Rings

We supply spools and winder rings which are used as cores for winding foils and steel sheets in the cold mill processes for aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

Related Products

Materials which demonstrate ideal characteristics across a wide range of industrial fields in a variety of environments. Kubota develops and offers materials with the most suitable properties to meet customer needs, based on many years of experience, unique technologies, and solid success records.

We offer high-quality casting products that are restrained the generation of pinholes and inclusions in sizes to meet any outer diameter and length requirement. Kubota's centrifugal casting technology can realize multilayer casting products with different properties between the outer and inner surfaces.

Contact Us

To inquire about a product, service, maintenance, or any other matter, please contact your nearest Kubota location directly by phone or contact us by email. Before making an inquiry, we recommend that you check out our customer support information, including FAQs, as you might be able to find the answer to your question more quickly there.