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Industries / Products


We develop long-life materials that possess superior heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and creep characteristics needed to withstand severe environments in industrial furnaces. We also offer high-performance piping products with tailored interior shapes or interior surface modifications using our proprietary technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of industrial furnaces.

Super heat-resistant refractory materials and rolling-mill rolls are our main products for steel industry users. Castings are finished into functional products using our precision machining techniques. We can meet a variety of machining requirements, such as simultaneously machining the inner and outer surfaces of a large-diameter long pipe, or finishing the inner surface of a small-diameter pipe with a pull boring tool.

Lately, as a part of protective measures against natural disasters, steel pipe piles have been getting increasingly larger, in both diameter and wall thickness. Our mechanical joints enable quick jointing of steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles with no on-site welding required, which contributes to the realization of stable quality, shorter work periods, lighter workloads, and reduced construction costs.

We process a wide variety of materials, from steel to plastics, using a range of technologies. Kubota's TXAX is a brake pad friction material that has less impact on the environment, favored by many users both within and outside of Japan.


Cracking tubes are used in the manufacturing processes for ethylene and propylene, which are the raw materials of petrochemical products.

Heat-resistant cast steel reformer tubes are employed in such processes as oil refining, methanol manufacture, and ammonia synthesis.

We have established an organization to cover all stages from research through manufacturing and inspection of alloy materials for industrial equipment to be used in extreme environments. By using our proprietary casting process technologies, we are able to offer a wide range of products that are highly resistant to heat, corrosion and abrasion for different service environments and to meet different property requirements.

Strong resistance to heat, impact and wear is an essential quality for rolling-mill rolls which are used to roll out high-temperature steel ingots. Our technological expertise, through which we developed the world's first industrial multi-layer rolling-mill roll made by centrifugal casting, can realize rolls with such high added values.

TXAX is a ceramic material supplied as large diameter long fibers having a plate-like shape. Possessing highly useful material properties such as high heat resistance, thermal insulation, and friction stability, its applications include friction materials in machines, reinforcing materials for plastic and metal products, coating materials, along with many other uses.

High strength and high earthquake resistance enable the construction of highly reliable foundations, ranging from foundation piles to retaining walls. Steel pipe sheet piles, which consist of steel pipes and joints welded together, are widely used as retaining walls and riverside and harbor revetments, realizing efficient and economical design and construction processes.

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To inquire about a product, service, maintenance, or any other matter, please contact your nearest Kubota location directly by phone or contact us by email. Before making an inquiry, we recommend that you check out our customer support information, including FAQs, as you might be able to find the answer to your question more quickly there.