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To Challenge, To Innovate

Giving hope for the future of farming. Smart agriculture by Kubota Giving hope for the future of farming. Smart agriculture by Kubota

Since its founding, Kubota has worked closely with farmers and taken a serious approach toward agricultural issues in Japan and other countries.
Changing the future of farming through its original concept that combines data utilization with automation.
Kubota will keep moving forward with challenges and solutions.

The Technology for the Earth and for Humanity. Its Evolution is the Footsteps of Kubota’s Strong Will. The Technology for the Earth and for Humanity. Its Evolution is the Footsteps of Kubota’s Strong Will.

From a grain of rice, a grain of wheat, a drop of water, to developing a country. Kubota encourages sustaining our beautiful earth environment and prosperity of our lives through its vast business area. Originating from casting, how did Kubota develop its technology? This is about the footsteps of Kubota’s strong will, to stand close to the environment and people, which led to Kubota to evolve its technology.

Our Stories

Each and every day, Kubota is focused on research to solve the world's issues related to food, water, and the environment. Read about some of Kubota's efforts to improve our Earth and our lives.

  • Combine
  • KSAS

Kubota supports farms through visualization of agriculture! Our KSAS and combine harvesters, which fuse bi-directional ICT with industry-leading food production technologies, are boosting farm management and production efficiency.

  • Engines

Total performance that combines outstanding efficiency, energy-saving, and a true respect for users and the environment — these are the fundamentals for the ideal engine that Kubota constantly strives to achieve.

  • Membrane Solutions

Our water recycling technologies generate new potential. Kubota aims to solve water-related issues with KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit™ that enables reuse of domestic and industrial wastewater.

  • Tractor

With the wish in mind to “fill India with Kubota tractors,” we began our initiatives in the world’s largest tractor market with a keen understanding of the region's unique needs and methods.

  • Construction Machinery

China’s economy is developing at a remarkable pace. Kubota is doing all it can to ensure durability and eliminate the fuel efficiency/power tradeoff in its construction machinery to meet the region’s unique needs and support infrastructure development.


Kubota releases Kubota Technical Report annually to introduce our latest technologies and products.

Feature Theme: No.52 Working on SDGs

Kubota Group works on the SDGs, which are the common development goals for the international community, and is challenging to solve global issues through its business activities.

Global R&D Facilities

In order to comprehend the local needs and shape the needs in to products, our R&D centers are spread over the world.

Kubota Water & Environment R&D Center U.S.A. SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co.,Ltd. Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. Sakai plant
  • :R&D Center
  • :Technical Center

The Evolution of Kubota Products

“Put your soul into the product you produce and instill
product value in its truest sense.”

Founder of the Kubota Group Gonshiro Kubota

Over 120 years, Kubota, starting as the manufacturer and sales of cast metal, has been developing a numerous variety of products for the Earth and for human lives.

Kubota R&D Movie

We want to create products that inspire our customers.This aspiration of ours generates new technologies and opens the door to new markets.
To constantly create new value in food, water and the environment.
This movie represents our passion in R&D.

Autonomous "AgriRobo" Tractor Dawn version

In an effort to change Japanese agriculture into an attractive business,
this movie visualized autonomous agricultural machinery “AgriRobo Tractor” move forward with magnificent music.

Kubota has been working closely with farmers all over Japan with hands-on approach.
Kubota wants to change an agricultural future by bringing in our original data usage and automation approaches.
Our Challenge and Evolve will continue.

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