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K-PL Steel Pipe Pile/Steel Pipe Sheet Pile (Heavy-duty Anti-corrosion Type)

Steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles used in highly corrosive environments are required to have high resistance to corrosion. K-PL steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles (heavy-duty anti-corrosion type) are used in such environments.


  • Harbor structures
  • River structures


High Resistance to Corrosion
The urethane elastomer material has high resistance to weather, seawater, impact, and chemicals, which gives the product long-lasting anti-corrosion properties.
Superior Cost Performance
The urethane elastomer coating can prevent corrosion over an extended period, thereby substantially reducing corrosion control costs. Because they enable designs with no need for additional protective measures, such as electrolytic protection, these piles and sheet piles offer superior cost performance.
Factory Coating Under Strict Quality Control
The urethane elastomer coating process, carried out under strict quality control system within our factory, provides excellent long-term corrosion resistance.
Optional Coloring (Top Coating)
Color coating on top of the urethane elastomer surface is available on request.

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