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SGE Construction Method (Steel Pipe Piling Construction Method Using Pre-Boring and Enlarged Foot Protection)

In the SGE piling construction method, slurry for foot protection is injected and stirred in an enlarged boring section cut in the bearing stratum at the bottom to hold an enlarged base bulb, into which a steel pipe pile tipped with a disk plate is installed. The bearing capacity obtained with the enlarged base bulb for foot protection that is integral to the pile end is larger than that obtained through conventional methods. This method is now used in many different building structures.


  • Building foundations


Large Vertical Bearing Capacity
On account of the disk on the pile tip and the enlarged base bulb, the end-bearing capacity is calculated with an end-bearing capacity coefficient (α) for a steel pipe diameter of 552 to 703[ mm].
Smaller Footings
Compared to conventional methods, footings may be smaller because the number of piles required for the same column load will be smaller.
Reliability of Pile Body Materials
The pile body, made of a full-length high-quality steel pipe, has superior reliability. The pile is highly resistant to earthquake damage because steel pipes have high deformation performance. KHP550, a very strong steel pipe product, has also been newly authorized as a material for SGE piles.
Less Excavated Soil Generated through Construction Work
Using piles made of thin steel pipes can reduce the amount of excavated soil left over after construction work.
Rapid Piling
Pre-boring method with a special expandable auger head realizes rapid piling.
Piling Using Small Pile-drivers
This piling method can be used for smaller-scale construction sites; for example, on an urban condominium rebuilding project. You can erect steel pipe piles of small diameter (o600 mm or smaller) with small pile-drivers.

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