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UCX is a cracking coil material with high resistance to carburization and oxidation under high temperatures in excess of 1100°C. It was developed by Kubota based on its technological expertise in heat-resistant alloy design gained through long experience. Since its launch in 1996, it has been widely accepted by users around the world, many of which are petrochemical plants in North America that run their processes at high temperatures.

Premium Alloy with Superior Carburization Resistance & Heat Resistance Born out of Kubota's Expertise in Alloy Design

Ideal for Operations Requiring High-temperature or Carburization Resistance

Advantages of UCX Cracking Coil

1. High durability in high temperature ranges
  • Long life realized through carburization resistance and oxidation resistance more than twice as high as those of conventional materials
  • Creep rupture strength in high temperature ranges equal to those of conventional materials
2. Increase of the operation efficiency of thermal cracking furnaces
  • High anti-coking performance extends furnace run duration (by extending decoking intervals)
  • Weldability maintained even after prolonged aging enables quick recovery when tubes need to be replaced unexpectedly

Combination with the Flow Mixing Technique

Using the MERT feature with Kubota's proprietary material UCX greatly increases user benefits; they include increased utilization rate of thermal cracking furnaces and extended tube life, to a greater extent than can be achieved using either one on its own.

The variety of features that can be achieved through combining this premium alloy with other technologies give it great potential for future applications as a high-performance material.

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Cracking tubes are used in the manufacturing processes for ethylene and propylene, which are the raw materials of petrochemical products.

MERT is a high-performance cracking tube with "mixing elements" on the inside surface which increases heat transfer efficiency while realizing uniform temperature distribution of the fluids within.

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Materials which demonstrate ideal characteristics across a wide range of industrial fields in a variety of environments. Kubota develops and offers materials with the most suitable properties to meet customer needs, based on many years of experience, unique technologies, and solid success records.

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