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Steel & Machinery

Constantly responsive to changing times and needs, Kubota has provided society with groundbreaking, unprecedented products that have assisted in the development of a number of industries. The wide variety of products, technologies and services that we have created continue to lead both domestic and overseas markets. Furthermore, while offering products in response to market needs with the aim of improving customer satisfaction based on a market-in approach, we continuously take steps to protect and preserve the global natural environment. As a world leader in the materials industry, Kubota's technologies and products will never cease to evolve and explore new horizons.

Kubota's Pursuit

Kubota's products also demonstrate superb performance in steel manufacturing processes and industrial furnaces, such as atmospheric and carburizing furnaces. We offer a variety of unique materials with characteristics such as resistance to heat, corrosion and abrasion, according to customers' applications, based on our proprietary technologies and experience in materials development. We can meet all requirements, whether for large diameters and complicated shapes or for superior features which can be achieved by combining surface treatment and modification. Our sophisticated quality management organization and materials development capabilities have earned us the enduring confidence of our users.

Related Products

We have established an organization to cover all stages from research through manufacturing and inspection of alloy materials for industrial equipment to be used in extreme environments. By using our proprietary casting process technologies, we are able to offer a wide range of products that are highly resistant to heat, corrosion and abrasion for different service environments and to meet different property requirements.

Strong resistance to heat, impact and wear is an essential quality for rolling-mill rolls which are used to roll out high-temperature steel ingots. Our technological expertise, through which we developed the world's first industrial multi-layer rolling-mill roll made by centrifugal casting, can realize rolls with such high added values.

Contact Us

To inquire about a product, service, maintenance, or any other matter, please contact your nearest Kubota location directly by phone or contact us by email. Before making an inquiry, we recommend that you check out our customer support information, including FAQs, as you might be able to find the answer to your question more quickly there.