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Top Message

  • An “Essentials Innovator for Supporting Life,” Committed to a Prosperous Society and Cycle of Nature

In 2021, despite COVID-19 remaining uncontrolled around the world, and the global economy remaining unstable, our revenue exceeded 2 trillion yen for the first time and operating profit reached a record high.

Also being the first year in our Long-Term Vision GMB2030 and our Mid-term Business Plan 2025, significant results were achieved not only in performance but also in building partnerships, particularly with companies and universities. I would again like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have supported our business.

Under our newly launched Mid-term Business Plan 2025, Kubota has set forth the goal of promoting ESG management, and in 2021 the entire Group has been working together to build up our business operation frameworks and to raise awareness. Also, considering what Kubota's unique ESG management, as K-ESG is, the following four areas will be developed.

  1. Solving environmental and social issues through business
  2. Accelerating innovation to solve problems
  3. Gaining empathy and participations of stakeholders
  4. Building governance that increases sustainability

Although what society expects from companies has changed over time, from the time of its founding, Kubota has been committed to providing the world with products and services that solve social issues.

  • The domestic production of water pipes to prevent cholera caused by unsanitary water
  • Mechanized agriculture to resolve postwar food shortages
  • The development of water treatment equipment as well as incinerators and melting furnaces in response to water pollution and urban waste created during a period of rapid economic growth

These are ways Kubota’s business has constantly developed based on providing solutions to social issues as opposed to developing based on technology. This has been in Kubota's DNA, unbroken since its founding.

As Group-wide efforts centered on ESG management continually aim at improving corporate value, we sincerely look forward to your continued support.

President and Representative Director

Yuichi Kitao