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Discover Kubota

Worldwide social issues, including global warming, climate change, and other environmental challenges, as well as population growth and the resulting increase in demand for food and shortage of water resources, have become increasingly complex and concerning in recent years.
Kubota is working to address these issues by providing solutions in the fields of food, water, and the environment.
Discover the unknown sides of Kubota, which seeks to be an "Essentials Innovator for Supporting Life" committed to a prosperous society and cycle of nature.

Groundwork for Tomorrow

Working toward a sustainable future. This content provides an overview of Kubota's wide-ranging work in the business areas of food, water, and the environment, along with the innovation and commitment that make them possible.


Issues related to food, water, and the environment vary widely in each country and region. Kubota is taking a close look at individual issues and making a variety of initiatives throughout the world to provide what people directly involved really need.
KUBOTA STORIES is media that spotlights Kubota's efforts to solve issues in locations worldwide, along with its latest initiatives to bring about a sustainable society.