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Kubota’s Revenue 3,020.7 billion yen (FY ended December 31, 2023)

Oversea Revenue 79%. North America:252.2 billion, Asia(excluding Japan:600.6 billion, Europe:418.3 billion, Other:106.5 billion, Japan:643.1 billion

Products & SolutionsThe Wide Range of Products and Solutions
that Comprise Our Revenue

Kubota offers a wide range of products and solutions backed by advanced technological capabilities
and abundant experience in addressing various issues in the fields of food, water, and the environment.

Agriculture Solutions, Water Environment Solutions, Engines, Construction Machinery, Weighing and Measuring Control Systems, Materials, Iron Pipes, Air Conditioning

Our MissionContributing to the World in the Areas of Food, Water, and the Environment

The world faces issues related to food, water, and the environment, which are indispensable for human beings. Kubota will contribute to solutions for these issues through superior products, technologies, and services.

Food, Water, Environment


Food shortages become a more significant issue as global population grow

1980: 4.4 billion, 2019:7.7 billion, By 2050: 9.7 billion

There is an increasing need to improve agricultural productivity through mechanization

Kubota has the top share in Asia, where rice farming is the mainstream

Kubota is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.
We listen closely to our customers and develop agricultural machinery that meets local needs.
The rice farming technologies we have cultivated boast the top share in Asia and support local farmers.

・Leading the mechanization and development of Japanese agriculture, ・Improving performance of agricultural machinery for rice growing because rice is Japan’s staple food, ・Contributing to agriculture around the world, with the top share in Japan, China and Thailand, ・Realizing ultra-labor saving and high-quality production through smart agriculture using ICT

Continuing to the broader world of dry-field farming

To contribute to greater stability in food production, we have begun our advancement into the dry-field farming market, which has four times the farming area of rice cultivation.

Expansion of Production/Development Sites: 2015 - Construction of large dry-field farming tractor plant in France, 2019 - New Innovation Centers established in Japan and Europe, Large Size and High Horsepower Products: 2016 - Announcement of new M7001 tractor series (130-170 horsepower), 2020 - Launch of M8 series (190-210 horsepower) for North American large tractor market, Synergies Between Tractor and Implements: 2012 - Acquisition of Norwegian agricultural equipment manufacturer Kverneland, 2016 - Acquisition of U.S. agricultural equipment manufacturer Great Plains


Among the world’s 8.8 billion people, 2.2 billion do not have access to safely managed drinking water1. Improvement of water infrastructure is still needed throughout the world

Breakdown of populations without access to safely managed water
Breakdown of populations without access to safely managed water

A world-leading water environment infrastructure company with solutions from upstream to downstream

Kubota's water-related businesses have a history of more than 130 years.
We have played a crucial role in the development of Japan’s water infrastructure, which is said to be one of the best in the world.

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Intake, Water Purification, Supply, Home/Industrial Waste Water, Recycling, Recycled Water, Water Treatment, Discharge

Supporting the world with water infrastructure technologies that have supported Japan

In order to contribute to the development of water infrastructure around the world by leveraging our technologies and achievements cultivated in Japan, we are moving forward with overseas expansion, primarily in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East.
We will lead the way in the use of IoT to contribute to solving issues in the water environment field.

  • Los Angeles, USALos Angeles, USA
    Contributing to the development of disaster-resilient infrastructure in Los Angeles
  • QatarQatar
    World's largest water pipeline extending approximately 500 kilometers
  • OmanOman
    Membrane units for the largest sewage treatment plant in the Middle East
  • BangladeshBangladesh
    Bangladesh's first large-scale water infrastructure construction with total length of 100 km


Engines that protect people's livelihoods and the environment:
Emissions regulations continue to advance

In light of the growing awareness of environmental conservation, emissions standards for engines have been established in different countries.
The demand towards engine development in compliance with stricter emissions regulations continue to rise.

  • 1999
  • 2009
  • 2019

Achieving both global industrial development and environmental conservation

How can Kubota provide high-quality engines that meet environmental needs?
It is because we conduct rigorous evaluations from the standpoint of actual users by incorporating our engines into our own products.
We also respond to a wide range of requests from throughout the world as one of the industry's leading engine manufacturers by providing engines to other manufacturers in addition to our own products.

Our Products: Developing and selling high-quality engines through incorporation into our own products, and contributing to global industrial development and environmental conservation. Engine Development: As a result of our continued response to customer requests, we have one of the industry's leading product lineups. Customer: Request, Provision, Small construction machinery manufacturers, Lawnmower manufacturers, Refrigerator manufacturers, Etc

Revenue Has Increased from ¥930.2 Billion to ¥3 Trillion over the Last 20 Years, with the Overseas Sales Ratio Rising from 30% to approximately 80%

As we make steady progress toward becoming a truly global company, our evolution is only beginning.

Worldwide Network

To provide solutions that meet each area’s true needs, we listen carefully to local opinions through our business offices, production sites, sales offices, and R&D facilities around the world.

Business Offices, Production Sites, Sales Offices, R&D Facilities

Supporting the Future of the Earth and Humanity by Anticipating Social Issues and Laying the Foundations for the Future

Given the dynamic changes in international circumstances, technological innovations such as IoT and AI, and heightened awareness of the need for sustainability, the global economy is undergoing a major transformation.

In the food, water, and the environment fields in which the Kubota Group operates, major changes in the business environment are anticipated, and we need to respond to them with speed and flexibility.

To this end, we believe it is important to take the lead in addressing not only the issues at hand, but also the various societal issues that may arise, and to lay the foundations for the future.

Innovation is the key to achieving these goals. By creating and integrating products, services, and businesses that anticipate changes in the next ten or twenty years, we will be able to provide total solutions that are deeply rooted in food, water, and the environment. And by earning the trust of the largest number of customers, we will realize a brand that can make the greatest contribution to society.

To provide even greater support for the future of the Earth and humanity,
the Kubota Group will build today and pave the way for tomorrow.


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