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Surface Modification

"Surface modification technology" means applying special treatment to the material surface which alters its chemical composition or structure to add a new feature to the base material's characteristics. Kubota has been meeting customer needs by dramatically improving material performance through combining the metallic materials technologies it has cultivated from long experience in the casting business with surface treatment technologies.

Core Technologies

[ Applications ]
Cracking tubes for production of ethylene and propylene are made of a heat-resistant alloy developed through Kubota's special expertise in alloy design. An oxide layer with high stability and strength is formed on the base material surface, which dramatically prolongs material life while improving the performance of other characteristics.
Combined with a wide range of base materials for various applications, surface technologies have potential to generate new products with advanced features. modification

Kubota Products Using Surface Modification Technologies

1. ANK400

In this cracking tube, an inert spinel type oxide surface is formed on the base material (heat-resistant alloy with special additive elements) through a special treatment after casting.

This technology was originally patented in 2002 by NOVA Chemicals Corporation (Canada), which was developed based on Kubota's expertise in alloy design. The technology was licensed to Kubota in the same year. Subsequently, to solve the problem of peeling of the spinel type oxide surface due to roughening from exposure to high temperatures, ANK400 was developed as an improved version through a collaborative research project led by Kubota in 2006.


AFTALLOY is a next-generation cracking tube that has an aluminum oxide layer on the inside surface. The inside aluminum oxide layer is formed through special treatment processes at Kubota's plant and inspected to ensure its soundness before shipping. The aluminum oxide surface, which is a hard-to-peel dense layer that is highly stable even under high temperatures, dramatically improves the tube's resistance to carburization, oxidation, and coking. The introduction of AFTALLOY means that users can benefit from dramatically decreased cracking furnace downtime and extended tube life.

Related Products

Cracking tubes are used in the manufacturing processes for ethylene and propylene, which are the raw materials of petrochemical products.

AFTALLOY is a next-generation, high-performance cracking tube with a robust inert aluminum oxide layer on the inside surface.

ANK400 is a cracking coil product with high anti-coking performance, developed jointly by Kubota and NOVA Chemicals Corporation.

Related Technology

Materials which demonstrate ideal characteristics across a wide range of industrial fields in a variety of environments. Kubota develops and offers materials with the most suitable properties to meet customer needs, based on many years of experience, unique technologies, and solid success records.

Related Industries

We develop long-life materials that possess superior heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and creep characteristics needed to withstand severe environments in industrial furnaces. We also offer high-performance piping products with tailored interior shapes or interior surface modifications using our proprietary technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of industrial furnaces.

Super heat-resistant refractory materials and rolling-mill rolls are our main products for steel industry users. Castings are finished into functional products using our precision machining techniques. We can meet a variety of machining requirements, such as simultaneously machining the inner and outer surfaces of a large-diameter long pipe, or finishing the inner surface of a small-diameter pipe with a pull boring tool.

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To inquire about a product, service, maintenance, or any other matter, please contact your nearest Kubota location directly by phone or contact us by email. Before making an inquiry, we recommend that you check out our customer support information, including FAQs, as you might be able to find the answer to your question more quickly there.