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KUBOTA REPORT 2020 <Digest Version>

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KUBOTA REPORT 2020 <Full Version>

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PDFContents (52KB)
PDFEditorial Note (108KB)
PDFBasic Policy for CSR Management (276KB)
PDFThe Kubota Group Mission (698KB)
PDFThe Kubota Group—Tackling Issues the World Over (1.70MB)
PDFThe Kubota Group in Numbers (2.78MB)
PDFTop Message (145KB)
PDFKubota’s Unique Sustainability as a Platform Provider Supporting Life (633KB)
PDFThe Kubota Group’s Products and Services (Farm & Industrial Machinery / Business Overview) (667KB)
PDFThe Kubota Group’s Products and Services (Water & Environment / Business Overview) (515KB)
PDFSpecial 130th Founding Anniversary Interview (939KB)
PDFSocial Problems to be Addressed by the Kubota Group and Contributions to SDGs (105KB)
PDFFinancial and Non-financial Highlights (736KB)
Environmental Report
PDFEnvironmental Management Basic Policy (534KB)
PDFMedium- and Long-Term Environmental Conservation Targets and Results (320KB)
PDFTackling Climate Change (439KB)
PDFWorking towards a Recycling-based Society (499KB)
PDFConserving Water Resources (259KB)
PDFControlling Chemical Substances (257KB)
PDFConserving Biodiversity (156KB)
PDFExpanding Environment-friendly Products and Services (1.12MB)
PDFEnvironmental Management (469KB)
PDFEnvironmental Communication (293KB)
PDFEnvironmental Data (307KB)
PDFThird-Party Assurance of Environmental Report (110KB)
Social Report
PDFTarget and Results Concerning Social Aspects (134KB)
PDFSociety—Feature on Case Examples Overseas (Thailand) (218KB)
PDFRelationships with Our Customers (750KB)
PDFRelationships with Business Partners (140KB)
PDFRelationships with Our Shareholders and Investors (161KB)
PDFRelationships with Employees (1.58MB)
PDFInvolvement with Local Communities (1.54MB)
Governance Report
PDFCorporate Governance (422KB)
PDFClosing Feature —Aiming for a Disaster-Resistant World / Corporate Data / KUBOTA Group’s Global Network (558KB)
PDFThird-Party Comments (90KB)
PDFGRI Standards Comparison Table (92KB)
PDFISO 26000 Comparison Table (55KB)

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