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Combine Harvester & Rice Transplanter

In Japan, Kubota's combine harvesters and rice transplanters have helped the mechanization of rice transplanting and harvesting, the most labor-intensive processes in rice farming, thereby reducing labor and increasing efficiency. With rice farming in Asia rapidly mechanizing, Kubota is applying its refined rice farming machinery technologies to develop solutions for customers outside Japan. Kubota has been manufacturing combine harvesters and rice transplanters for over 50 years. As a specialist in this field, Kubota offers reliable technologies to support as many farmers as possible to produce even one more extra grain of rice.

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  • A Combination of Durability and Efficiency

    The duration of use (10-100 days), soil composition (amount of sand, clay or gravel) and characteristics of crop (difficulty of threshing, etc.) largely differ by country. We continue to develop our products taking into consideration these various factors.

  • Over 30,000 Combine Harvesters and 20,000 Rice Transplanters Sold in a Year

    Demands for Kubota combine harvesters are rising especially in Asia, where we are establishing a greater presence.

  • Combine Harvester with Wide Application

    Combine harvesters are used for harvesting crops such as rice, barley and corn.


Products that Responds to a Wide Range of Needs from Transplating to Reaping Rice, Barley, Corn, etc.

  • PRO1408Y

  • PRO1108

  • PRO988Q-Q

  • DC-105X

  • SPV-8C

  • SPW-68C

Our Technologies

  • Light-Weight and Compact Design (Combine Harvester)

    Even in the small Asian farm fields, our combine harvesters have excellent maneuverability and high fuel efficiency.

  • The Wide-Diameter, Long Threshing Cylinder with Axial-Flow (Combine Harvester)

    Highly capable of threshing crops that are difficult to separate seeds from, such as rice.

  • Delivers Great Performance Even in Disadvantageous Conditions Such as Poorly-Drained Paddy Fields (Transplanter)

    Delivers excellent performance, smoothly transplanting even in rice-fields in which mud rises up to the knees.


Kubota Combine Harvester and Transplanter Play a Role in Various Settings

  • Transplanting

  • Reaping Rice

  • Reaping Corn

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