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Agricultural implements are tools that can be connected to tractors to enable a wide variety of tasks. Kverneland Group, a Norwegian manufacturer specialized in developing, producing and distributing agricultural implements, electronic solutions and digital services, joined the Kubota Group in 2012. The American manufacturer Great Plans Manufacturing specialized in agricultural implements for tillage, seeding, and planting in the United States, as well as a leading producer of dirt working, turf maintenance, material handling, and landscaping equipment, joined in 2016. After this, the companies' implements were designed for even better compatibility with Kubota tractors to cover a wide range of general farming work from field farming to hay and light ground maintenance, creating an even greater synergy. And with Kubota providing both tractors and implements, this enabled more comprehensive services and support along with applicability to smart agriculture systems. This has allowed us to provide solutions that are more tailored to customer needs, including lower costs, greater efficiency, and lightened workloads.

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  • Strong Brands

    Kverneland Group, representing the Brands Kverneland and Vicon, and Great Plains Manufacturing are the implement manufacturers within the Kubota Group. Both companies have global track records and excellent worldwide reputations. They are also involved in innovative projects including development of implements compatible with ISOBUS, an international standard that enables the exchange of data between tractors and implements.

  • Wider Variety of Products

    The Kubota Group provides a full lineup of products that cover a broad range of general agricultural work, from field farming to hay and light ground maintenance. We can provide optimized solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Synergy with Kubota Tractors

    Kubota provides both tractors and implements through its group, and its products are already verified for compatibility from the development stage. This means they are known for outstanding reliability and stable operation in the field. Kubota supports customer needs by maximizing synergies throughout its group.

Our Brands

  • Kverneland Group

    Founded in 1879, Kverneland Group is a global company that has been supporting farmers throughout its history. It has consistently led the industry with products including the world's first reversible plough with automatic stone release. It developed the core technology for ISOBUS, the electronic communication standard for tractors and implements, and has contributed to the advancement of agricultural machinery as a core member of the international Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF).

  • Great Plains Manufacturing

    A leader in farm equipment in the U.S., Great Plains Manufacturing was established in 1976. It has grown through products such as seeding machines that improve work efficiency, with products specifically oriented toward agronomy. This has earned the company an excellent reputation among farmers who are conscious of efficiency and cost. It is also a major manufacturer in the site maintenance and landscaping equipment fields, offering a product line that covers a wide range of agricultural work.


We offer a wide-ranging lineup of products that meet the needs of our customers by fully utilizing the synergy between these two implement manufacturers and Kubota's tractors.

Arable Farming

  • Plough

  • Soil

  • Chopper

  • Seeding

  • Spreading

  • Spraying


  • Forage

  • Bale

  • Feeding

Ground Maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • Material Handling

  • Grooming Mowers

  • Snow Tools

Our Technologies

  • Tractor Implement Management

    Tractor Implement Management (TIM), a new ISOBUS standard developed in 2019, enables control of tractor functions from implements. This automates tasks that were previously performed manually, improving accuracy and reducing burden for operators of all skill levels. Leveraging the collaboration among its group companies, Kubota has become the first in the world to obtain AEF certification for both tractors and implements under the same brand.

  • Group-wide Collaborative Development

    The Kubota Group has a special advantage in its ability to create greater synergies by collaborating within the Group to develop new products. One example is in the conversion of devices to electronic control, which is essential for Smart Farming. This applies Kubota's sensor technologies, which have been cultivated from its measurement and control technologies. Kubota Group works across its entities to secure that the competencies and compatibility of products across the Group are utilized. An example is implements development and production where the compatibility with Kubota tractors is secured using tractor schematics and electronics.

  • Steel Heat Treatments

    Kubota ploughs are produced by Kverneland Group. Kverneland Group, which began as a forger of sickles and ploughs, now has an exclusive heat treatment technology based on years of experience and knowledge. With outstanding abrasion resistance on the surface and tenacity to withstand heavy loads on the inside, the dual-layer material produces lightweight, high-performance implements, with excellent durability that helps to make the products outstandingly cost-competitive.

  • Awards and Recognitions

    The Kubota Group’s implements have earned an excellent reputation around the globe and are recognized for the in front developments. At Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, the i-Plough was awarded with the Machine of the year award 2016 in the tillage category, and two years later, the GEOMOW functionality was awarded with the Machine of the year award 2018 in the forage category. In 2021, the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) awarded a silver medal in technical innovation to Kubota for the AEF certified tractor and baler TIM combination (Tractor and Implement Management). All of these awards reflect on the focus to reduce operator workload enabled by functions to work more efficiently.

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