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President's Message

Aiming to be an “Essentials Innovator for Supporting Life,” committed to a Prosperous Society and Cycle of Nature, we will help to bring about a more sustainable society by promoting unique Kubota’s ESG management.

The Kubota Group's Aspirations

While the world has been suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic, other social and economic issues — including climate change, natural disasters, and problems concerning demographics, resources, and geopolitics — are also more pressing than ever. However, the world has set itself common goals such as the SDGs or the Paris Agreement, and companies have a growing need to fulfill their social responsibilities.
The Kubota Group, on the landmark milestone of its 130th anniversary, launched its GMB2030 Long-Term Vision and Mid-Term Business Plan 2025. The Kubota ideal for the future is to be committed to a prosperous society and cycle of nature by aiming to be an “Essentials Innovator for Supporting Life.” By providing solutions that can address issues in food, water, and the environment — fields without which people cannot live — we believe that we can make ourselves indispensable to society. In addition to further developing our existing business, we hope to be able to provide three new types of solutions by having each business field work together and effect each other and building a variety of business partnerships and ecosystems, namely solutions aimed at enhancing the productivity and safety of food, promoting the circulation of water resources and waste, and improving urban and living environments.

Business operations positioning ESG at the core of management

In order for Kubota to continue to be a sustainable company, we will promote initiatives with a greater awareness of ESG than ever before. As a company engaged in the reduction of environmental impact and the resolution of social issues in its business activities in the areas of food, water, and the environment, we have defined the Kubota Group’s unique ESG measures as K-ESG — measures that are rooted in the Group’s corporate philosophy (the Kubota Global Identity). K-ESG management will provide the ethical and behavioral model to accomplish the goals of our long-term visions, GMB2030 and, afterward, GMB. To realize GMB2030, we will aim to raise corporate value on both the economic and social fields by focusing on four areas — solving environmental and social problems through business, accelerating innovation to solve problems, gaining empathy and participation of stakeholders, and building governance that increases sustainability — broken down into twelve important matters (materiality).

To Our Stakeholders

The “S” in K-ESG stands for “society,” which we take to also mean “stakeholders.” I would improve relationships with every stakeholder that shows “empathy” and “participation” with Kubota Group by enhancing and strengthening communication with them. Toward the year 2030, we will make efforts to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by solving social issues related to food, water, and the environment, with bringing together the collective strengths of 40,000 people in the Group.

President and Representative Director

Kubota Corporation

Yuichi Kitao