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President's Message

Setting SDGs as a compass, we are driving forward at full speed toward the realization of the "Global Major Brand Kubota."

The Kubota Group's Aspirations

Since its foundation in 1890, Kubota has delivered a variety of products that contribute to people's lives and society, including iron water pipes for the development of modern waterworks, and agricultural machinery to increase food production and save labor. Today, the world faces many challenges in the areas of food, water and the environment, which are indispensable for human beings. The Kubota Group believes that its mission is to comprehensively solve the problems of food, water and the environment through its superior products, technologies and services, thereby continuing to support the future of the earth and humanity.
Now, the Kubota Group aims at realizing the "Global Major Brand (hereinafter, 'GMB') Kubota." It means not simply becoming a top company in terms of sales or profits, but becoming a "company (brand) that can make the greatest social contribution as a result of being trusted by the largest number of customers."
In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 sustainable development goals, or SDGs, including "ZERO HUNGER" and "CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION," as a set of common goals for the international community.
We see that the direction aimed at by the SDGs is the same direction that the Kubota Group should aim at, as a company contributing to the world in the areas of food, water and the environment under the brand statement "For Earth, For Life."

Pursuing CSR Management

In aiming to realize GMB Kubota, one aspect that will become increasingly important as a basis for this, is the further pursuit of CSR (corporate social responsibility) from a global perspective. As the cornerstone of the Kubota Global Identity?our corporate principles?we are faithfully undertaking CSR activities while we drive forward the establishment of stronger relationships of trust with our customers and communities around the world.
For this reason, we recognize that ensuring compliance is an extremely critical issue. Under the resolve that no sales or profits are worth pursuing at the expense of the Kubota Group's corporate dignity, we strive to carry out our work in compliance with the law.
In particular, we have defined quality as the issue that we must most faithfully address as a manufacturer and are therefore striving to improve our reliability. In terms of the environment, we aim to reduce environmental loads, expand Eco-Products, and fulfill the other goals outlined in Medium-Term Environmental Conservation Targets 2020. Along with these efforts, we are also working to investigate a production system with an awareness of achieving zero-emissions.
The Kubota Group's business activities reach every corner of the world. And against this backdrop of global competition, we are also tackling diversity and pursuing stress-free work as a means of realizing GMB Kubota. We are also aggressively working to create working environments that facilitate the participation of a diverse range of personnel, reviewing the human resource system, and enhancing the employee education and training system. Along with improving the efficiency of work and advancing workstyle reforms, we are also striving to fully implement safety management and to comprehensively energize our business activities as sources of competitiveness.

To Our Stakeholders

Besides promoting our current businesses, we will acquire new business opportunities through initiatives to achieving the SDGs, thereby improving our CSR management. This will surely contribute to the realization of the GMB Kubota.
The Kubota Group will continue to make united efforts across countries, regions, and departments to become a company trusted by customers and society. We sincerely request your continued support.

President and Representative Director

Kubota Corporation

Yuichi Kitao