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Our Business

Kubota provides solutions leveraging a diverse range of products, technologies, and services, in the fields of food, water, and the environment, all of which are indispensable parts of our lives. We are engaged in wide range of business; agricultural solutions that support the world’s diet, water-related solutions that regenerate and deliver safe water, and living environment solutions that support comfortable lifestyles and industry. We pay close attention to opinions from actual work sites. Also, we value a hands-on approach that gives form to customers’ real needs, while also working to address social issues on a global scale. From one grain of rice and one drop of water to the foundations of society and industry, Kubota solutions support people’s lives.


Supporting the world’s food supply and securing a prosperous future for people and food

Kubota is one of the few agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world involved in both rice farming and dry-field farming. We support agriculture throughout the world by working closely with farmers and developing agricultural machinery that meets their needs in the field. We also provide agricultural solutions which support each stage of the process, from productions through processing and consumption. As a complete solution provider for agriculture, we are responsible for ensuring a prosperous future for humanity and our foods.


Delivering safe water to everyone in the world

Kubota’s water environment-related solutions now play active roles in all stages of the water cycle, contributing toward the maintenance of Japan’s infrastructure for its bountiful water resources. Our products and technologies are now offered worldwide and support the world’s water infrastructure. We are working to address the world’s water issues as a specialist of water and aim to provide everyone in the world with safe water.


Supporting the foundations of society and industry and contributing to the enrichment of human lives

Social foundations are vital for all of us to live a bountiful, comfortable life. And industrial foundations form a base for manufacturing. Kubota combines a wide range of time-honed technologies and products to suit society’s needs, provides the world with products and services to address those needs, and supports society and the world from their foundations. Kubota’s environmental solutions consider the global environment while also supporting the foundations of society and industry, contributing toward a bountiful life for everyone.

Related Information

Sustainability (Initiatives through Business: Food)

By streamlining agriculture, Kubota aims to contribute to the abundant and stable production of food, leading to a sustainable society.

Sustainability (Initiatives through Business: Water)

Kubota aims to contribute to the reuse and supply of safe water through the development of water infrastructure, leading to a sustainable society.

Sustainability (Initiatives through Business: Environment)

Kubota contributes to the creation and conservation of comfortable living environments through the development of social and industrial infrastructure, leading to a sustainable society.


We introduce the KUBOTA SMART VILLAGE concept, which seeks to realize a future of carbon neutrality and resource recycling through comprehensive efforts to address social problems related to food, water, and the environment.