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Environmental Equipment
& Plant Engineering

For more than a century, Kubota has been engaged in water-related business and has been contributing to solve variety of water-related issues around the world. Globally widening environmental protection activities require us to properly treat household wastewater and industrial wastewater to lessen their impact on the nature, or moreover, to reuse to reduce water shortage problems.
Kubota can provide comprehensive water solution, providing the equipment and engineering capabilities that best suits to a customer's needs. We meet the needs of increasingly diversified water treatment systems, from water purification, sewage purification and wastewater treatment, utilizing our expertise in membrane solution, diverse materials which we can manufacture, and our huge experience in plant engineering.
Today, our expertise is exercised outside of Japan, especially in South East Asia where we see rapid growth of Special Economic Zones. Kubota will continuously enhance its expertise and expand its support to realize improvements in water issues around the world.

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  • Upper stream to Downstream

    Kubota offers a number of proprietary water treatment technologies such as water purification system, treatment for industrial water, sewage treatment & drainage system. Kubota takes care from upper stream to downstream of water supply system with reliable products and engineering technologies. We are one of the few companies in the world which covers all these area.

  • Water Specialist, from EPC to Maintenance

    Kubota has a long and numerous experiences in water-related products and services. Not only as a manufacturer of pipes, pumps and membrane solutions but we are also an engineering company with experiences for more than half a century. Our capabilities extend from Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) work to maintenance as the specialist of water-related facilities, taking full advantage of expertise to solve our customers' issues and needs.

Our Technologies

  • Tank-Submerged Type Ceramic Filtration System

    This system adopts ceramic membrane, which is durable and chemical resistant. Therefore, the lifetime is longer than organic membranes and replacement cost can be saved drastically. This tank-submerged type enables hybrid process using the tank for both physical and chemical reaction.

  • Endless Filter Cloth Travelling Filter Press

    Changing the filter cloth can be done by winding device, drawing in the new cloth to the machine at the same time as reeling off the old cloth. This mechanism greatly reduces the maintenance work load and human resources. Raking off the cake is also unnecessary. High performance and its compact size are also one of the features of this filter press.

  • Low head loss diffuser (K-membrane)

    Kubota's own membrane material and unique slit design achieved high oxygen transfer efficiency with low head loss (6kPa). Able to install at same depth as ceramic diffusers and reduce energy consumption (down 15~20% from conventional membrane diffuser). Able to replace only aeration sheet.


Kubota's Water Solution.

  • Purification Plant

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Industrial Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant

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