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Notice on Conservation of Electricity in Summer

June 9, 2011

Kubota Corporation (hereinafter "the Company") extends heartfelt condolences to the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The government has requested measures to ensure electricity supply meets demand since power shortages are likely to occur as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In response to this request, the Company will organize a rotating operations system at the Kubota Group's nine plants and offices in the Kanto area, and implement energy-saving measures while maintaining production.

In addition, all the Company's plants damaged by the earthquake have now recovered. We had been resuming production in phases from mid-March, and now each plant is operating normally.

1. Rotating operations system

(1) Subject plants and offices

Nine plants and offices within the service area of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
(Tokyo Head Office; Keiyo Plant(Funabashi); Keiyo Plant(Ichikawa); Utsunomiya Plant; Tsukuba Plant; Ryugasaki Plant; Kubota-C.I., Odawara Plant; Kubota-C.I., Tochigi Plant; Kubota Air Conditioner, Tochigi Plant)

(2) Implementation period

July 1 to September 22 (depending on the base, the operations system is subject to change in the period slightly before or after these dates)

(3) Details of implementation

Night shifts and weekend shifts on production lines at the nine plants and offices will be adjusted and the maximum power used (electrical power used at peak times on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) will be cut by 15 percent.

2. Other measures to conserve electricity

  • Centering on the offices, in places such as branches, sales offices and service centers around Japan we will switch off lights during lunch breaks and in places near the office windows, properly control the temperature of air conditioning, and reduce the amount of power consumed by OA equipment when it is in standby mode. In this way, as the Kubota Group, we will implement measures to save energy in a planned way.
  • We will further expand the period covered by the Cool Biz campaign (lengthening it to a six-month period running from May 1 to October 31).
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