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Assistance to flood-affected areas in the Kingdom of Thailand (2)

November 22, 2011

We wish to express our sincere sympathy to all the people in the Kingdom of Thailand that have been affected by the recent floods caused by heavy rain.

The Kubota Group established a joint venture with the Siam Cement Group in the late 1970s in the Kingdom of Thailand that began operations centered on horizontal diesel engines. Since then, it has expanded its business to manufacture and sell tillers, tractors, combines and other products. For many years it has had strong connections mainly with the agricultural sector and has been supported by the people of the Kingdom of Thailand. We wish to assist in the earliest possible reconstruction of the affected areas in the Kingdom of Thailand. Hence, we have decided to donate water treatment equipment consisting of unit-type clean water systems (supplied with a generator) to the Royal Thai Government. This equipment can supply industrial water for use in applications such as cleaning the inside of plants.

1. Details of support

a.Unit-type clean water systems 10 units
b.Transportation and installation of the above equipment
c.Dispatching of operators 3 persons
Total cost of about 200 million yen

2. Overview of unit-type clean water systems

Unit-type clean water system that combines ceramic membrane filtration equipment and a generator.

Item Use
Ceramic membrane filtration equipment Supplies water for washing Used to wash the dirt of items such as the plant's production facilities that have been flooded.
Supplies water for hand washing Secures water for hand washing and improves sanitary conditions.
Generator Supplies electricity Used to supply power to the membrane filtration equipment and used in other applications.

<How the unit-type clean water system works>

3. Installation sites

We plan to install the equipment in seven industrial parks, including the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Province, once the flood water subsides.

We highly appreciate this opportunity to provide support for the earliest revival of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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