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Kubota Engines Certified EPA/CARB Tier4, EU StageIIIB Emissions Standards

October 23, 2012

With increasing awareness towards the conservation of the global environment, Kubota always places a top priority on ensuring environmental compatibility as well as reducing the environmental impact.
The next emissions standards for Non-Road diesel engines with an output range below 56 kW will come into enforcement in 2013 in North America, Europe and Japan. In order to assure product readiness from the beginning of the new standards, Kubota has initiated the certification application process from early 2012.
After receiving the first approval from EPA*1 on May 7th, we are now proud to announce that Kubota has received certification approval from EPA, CARB*2 and EU regulatory authorities on all engine series with an output range below 56kW.

With this achievement as well as previously obtained emission certification for engines between 56kW and 130kW, we are now ready to introduce the full engine line-up of Kubota Compact Diesel Engines which meet EPA/CARB Tier4 and EU Stage IIIB standards.

  1. *1.EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  2. *2.CARB: California Air Resources Board

1. Certification Summary

1) Certified Date May 2012 - Oct 2012
2) Regulations Level EPA/CARB Tier4 (<19kW & 19-56kW), EU Stage IIIB (37-56kW)
3) Certified Models Kubota Industrial Diesel Engines
Super Mini Series, 05 Series, 03 Series, 07 Series and V3 Series

2. Kubota's Compliance with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations

Tier 4 and Stage IIIB are extremely stringent standards. The new standards require further reduction of particulate matter (diesel soot) by 90% in comparison to the previous standards.

In order to comply with the new standards, Kubota utilized a variety of technologies such as Common Rail System, an electronic fuel injection system, for optimization of combustion processes, Exhaust-Gas-Recirculation Device (EGR)*3 and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)*4 for improvement of emission performance . These technologies will bring more durable, quieter and fuel efficient engines with minimal impact to the engine package for ease of installation into OEMs machines.
In additional to the above, Kubota also developed and introduced a new emission-compliant diesel engine (engine output range between 19 to 37kW), which utilizes Kubota's proprietary "TVCS"*5 combustion system and unique DPF regeneration system.
Kubota also obtained EPA and CARB certifications for diesel engines with an output range below 19kW. Of special note is that Kubota obtained the emission certifications without adding new devices, but with further optimization and improvement of existing technologies.

With the introduction of these newly developed diesel engines, Kubota is confident to satisfy both the emission standards as well as the markets' wide-variety and challenging demands.
Production of these new emission certified engines will begin in October 2012 for use in Kubota branded agricultural and construction machineries as well as OEM's equipment such as construction machines, gen-sets, welders and other industrial applications.

  1. *3.EGR: Technique to reduce NOx by re-circulating a portion of exhaust gas to the engine cylinder and reducing the oxygen content to a lower combustion temperature
  2. *4.DPF: Diesel particulate filter that traps particulate matter in the engine exhaust emission
  3. *5.TVCS: Kubota's original combustion system (“Three Vortex Combustion System”)
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