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Public Announcement of Favorable Decision in Crawler Infringement Litigation

January 18, 2013

Kubota Obtained Favorable Decision in Combine Patent Infringement Litigation

Kubota Corporation and its subsidiary in China, Kubota Agricultural Machinery (SUZHOU) Co.,Ltd. (collectively“Kubota”), filed a lawsuit against Taizhou Modern Fengling Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Fengling Harvester Sales and Rental Center (collectively “Fengling”) before Nanjing Intermediate People's Court in China on December 9, 2008 alleging infringement of Chinese patents of Kubota Corporation by Fengling and seeking injunction of manufacturing and sales of self-propelling head-feeding combine 4LB-150 manufactured and sold by Fengling as well as damages.

On December 28, 2012, finding infringement by Fengling of a Chinese patent (ZL99110929.5 “Crawler for Work Vehicle”) of Kubota Corporation, Nanjing Intermediate People's Court handed down a decision against Fengling ordering injunction of manufacturing and sales and payment of 800,000 Yuan for damages payable to Kubota.

We believe that Kubota was able to obtain this favorable decision because the legitimacy of its contention to lawfully exclude products that infringe on its intellectual property rights was recognized by the Court. Kubota will continue to place great importance on and protect its foreign and domestic intellectual property rights.

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