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Establishment of "Materials Center" as a material research and development organization — Enhancement of product competitiveness by further improvement of material functions —

October 1, 2013

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka City; Chairman of the Board and President: Yasuo Masumoto) will, as of October 1, newly establish "Materials Center" as a material research and development organization. We will enhance our product competitiveness by making efforts for the further improvement of material functions in the mid- and long-term perspective.

1. Background and purpose of the establishment of Materials Center

  • Kubota started business as an iron castings manufacturer. With its technologies as core elements, we have been developing and selling various products, such as cast-iron pipes for water supply and agricultural machinery. We have unique technologies and know-how with regards to the development of materials, such as metals including cast iron and cast steel as well as ceramics.
  • However, only our Materials Division has the material development function and the material development has been limited to material processing related products and part of water environment related products. Therefore, the establishment of a framework for the material development of products from all businesses has been an urgent issue.
  • Utilizing the technologies and know-how of our Materials Division, we launch "Materials Center" as a company-wide organization, in a bid to develop a framework that enables the material development and evaluation for each product in a mid- and long-term perspective, instead of focusing on short-term profits. This will differentiate ourselves from our competitors with respect to the products, such as agricultural machinery, etc. as well by means of the use of highly improved materials, enabling the enhancement of product competitiveness.

2. Overview of Materials Center

Date of establishment October 1, 2013 *Established under the control of "Research & Development Headquarters"
Date of full operation April 2014 (scheduled)
Location Hirakata Plant ,Japan * A new building is scheduled to be built in April 2015.
Director of the center Executive Director Kaoru Hamada (also serving as Materials Division Director)
Personnel By October 1, 2013: 16 people (including those with another post)
By April 1, 2014: 30 people (including those to be assigned and those with another post)

3. Details of activities

Development of materials and manufacturing processes:
  • In collaboration with the relevant business units, the center will develop materials and manufacturing processes that meet business requirements.
Analysis and evaluation of materials:
  • The analysis and evaluation of materials used for products and the verification of the reliability in the design and study phases can contribute to the quality assurance of products in the sales phase.

4. Future schedule

  • In collaboration with Quality Assurance & Manufacturing Headquarters that is in charge of the manufacturing processes, the center will make efforts for the commercial viability of developed products or processes at an earlier time.
  • The center will implement collaboration with external organizations at home and abroad, such as universities and research and development institutions.
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