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New Year's Thoughts (Summary)
By Masatoshi Kimata, President and Representative Director
— Towards the goal of achieving great synergy and creating a great global company —

January 5, 2015

  • The following is a summary of New Year's thought by Masatoshi Kimata, President and Representative Directore sent to directors and employees of the Kubota Group on January 5.

Thoroughly implementing the “GENBA*-oriented management” and the “customer-first principle”

At the dealer meetings held last year in Europe and America, we introduced our large tractors for upland farming and our new skid steer loader, a construction machinery product. These were highly evaluated by the dealers. This year, I would like us to proceed with the move to mass production according to the schedule. In Asia too, we are putting effort into upland farming market of medium and small size equipment. This includes tractors and implements for upland farming in Thailand, the introduction of multi-purpose tractors in India and wheel combine harvesters in China. From now onwards, I want us to strongly promote machinery for upland farming in this way in addition to our conventional machinery for rice fields, in order to further accelerate our globalization. Furthermore, in the business areas of water and the environment, we will improve the profitability of our business in Japan and will promote the switch to sales development across the product portfolio in Asia.
When promoting these changes, I would first of all like you to be thorough about giving a priority to the GENBA. In manufacturing, sales, R&D and elsewhere, whenever a problem or issue arises, it is essential that we go back to the actual place and investigate a fundamental solution. It is also important that we always maintain the stance of the “customer-first principle.” I am convinced that our efforts to deliver products and services that exceed customers' needs with the speed that also exceeds customers' expectations will impress our customers. This year, as we work to realize this, we will enhance our marketing and technology development and will promote more thorough QCD control.

  • GENBA is real site where sales, service, manufacturing, R&D department and all other activities are being done.In case of sales, it can be customer site or dealer site etc.

Towards the goal of achieving great synergy and creating a great global company

In order for us to further expand our business around the world, we will set new medium-term targets for the whole company, will clarify the path we should take to achieve those targets and will bring together the total strength of the Group. I want us to combine our strengths and push forwards towards the goal of “achieving great synergy and creating a great global company.” The Group must unite together and take on the challenges as we work to find solutions to the problems in the areas of “food,” “water,” and “the environment”.

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