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Establishment of Water & Environment R&D Center in North America

May 8, 2015

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan; President and Representative Director: Masatoshi Kimata; hereinafter "Kubota") will establish the company's first research and development base for water and environment outside of Japan. The base will be established in the City of Canton, Ohio, USA, with the objective of strengthening Kubota's water treatment technology, especially MBR* treatment system technology.

  • MBR (Membrane Bio-reactor): A method of water treatment that combines biological treatment using microorganisms and solid-liquid separation using a membrane.

1. Background and aim to the establishment

  • In the water treatment markets of North America and Europe, there are calls for support for stronger regulation of the water treatment and for the renovation, integration and abolition of treatment plants. Kubota has responded to this situation by the development of membrane separation equipment for MBR that can improve the treated water quality at medium and large-scale facilities with using the existing reaction tank. Activities have also been implemented to promote sales of this equipment.
  • From now onwards, the construction of a local research and development organization will be essential for the establishment of MBR treatment system technology that meets the requirements of the local area, including membrane separation equipment for MBR and others. Kubota will therefore establish a research and development base for MBR systems within the grounds of the sewage treatment plant in the City of Canton, USA. In addition to reinforcing Kubota's ability to design membrane systems appropriate for the regional climate and water quality, the base will also accumulate expertise on system operation and management.
  • Furthermore, through the use of this base as a site where customers can view the Kubota membrane system technology, there are expectations that it will be effective for raising the level of awareness and understanding about that technology. The base will also promote coordination with parties such as related companies, local governments and universities for the purpose of the new development of other water treatment technologies.

2. Outline

  • Location of establishment: Within Water Reclamation Facility Ohio, USA.
    • The largest sewage treatment plant in the North America, where Kubota received an order for MBR membrane separation equipment in 2013.
      (Volume of treatment: 159,000 m3/day)


  • Establishment schedule:
    Plan for construction completion in September 2015 and opening in December 2015
  • Facility name: Kubota Water & Environment R&D Center U.S.A.
  • Investment: Total amount of 2.5 million US dollars
  • Number of personnel: 3 (as of April 2016)
  • Scale of facility:
    Site area 1,720 m2, building area 780 m2 (Office building: 160 m2, experimental building 620 m2)
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