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Kubota launches new multi-purpose tractors in India

August 24, 2015

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan, President and Representative Director: Masatoshi Kimata; hereinafter “Kubota”) is newly introducing high traction multi-purpose tractors on the Indian market. It is suitable to not only for agricultural use but also for transportation of crops and civil engineering materials.
Kubota is entering the world's largest tractor market on a full scale with this new tractor meeting local needs.

1. Background of development

  • India holds the world's largest tractor market with a demand of 600,000 units per year. Tractors in India are used all year round not only for agricultural purpose but also for transportation of crops and civil engineering materials with pulling trailers.
  • Kubota has developed a new multi-purpose tractor specialized in this particular usage by the Indian market. This Indian model is heavier than our current lineup, with strong traction and excellent durability. Kubota will start full scale expansion in India with this new tractor.
  • Kubota is expanding its global business in upland field farming. Kubota has already entered the European upland field farming market on a full scale by establishing a large-tractor factory in France. By also entering the Asian upland farming market, Kubota accelerates its worldwide growth in the agricultural machinery business.

2. Product Details

Series name:


Release date:

November, 2015


55 HP (2WD)

Performance Features:

  1. Strong traction

    Thanks to its strong traction, this tractor can be used in various fields, such as agricultural work in a paddy or upland field, transportation of crops and civil engineering materials.

  2. Low Fuel Consumption

    This tractor is powered by a Kubota diesel engine meeting the certified emission regulations of India.
    It is characterized by high output with low noise, reduced vibration and low fuel consumption.

  3. High Durability

    Due to its high durability in response to oil leaks and early clutch friction, this tractor can endure long hours of usage and harsh operation conditions.

  4. Comfort and Usability

    Operators can work comfortably with easy access to the lever pedal position, a reduction of operation load, and all hydraulic power steering. All LED meter panel lighting helps for work at night, and a wide driving sheet enables operators to work comfortably.

3. Future plans

  • Mass production is set to begin in October 2015 at our Thailand subsidiary (SIAM Kubota Corporation Co, Ltd.).
    -Sales start from November 2015 via our India subsidiary (Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt.Ltd.)
  • In addition to India and other Asian countries, Kubota also plans to extend sales to emerging markets in Asia and Latin America, targeting 16,000 units in sales in 2018.

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[Overview of India sales office]

Company name Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Private Ltd.
Establishment December, 2008
Location Suburbs of Chennai, Tamil Nadu State, India
President Satoshi SUZUKI
Capital Stock 500 million Rupee
Investment ratio Kubota 60%,
Sumitomo Corporation 36%,
Sumitomo Corporation Asia&Oceania Pte, Ltd. 4%
Sale Items Tractor, Combine, Rice transplanter, etc.
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