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Renewal of the Kubota global Website — Enhancing the communication of information internationally to further increase value as a global brand

December 28, 2015

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Japan, President and Representative Director: Masatoshi Kimata; hereinafter “Kubota”), has renewed the Kubota Global Website (URL: The expansion of Kubota's business overseas is accelerating and this renewal enhances Kubota's communication of information internationally to aim to further increase Kubota's value as a global brand.

The website renewal aims to communicate the approach and measures taken by Kubota to find solutions to problems around the world in the areas of food, water and the environment, in a way that makes the approach and measures easier to understand for a wide range of stakeholders around the world. To achieve this, new contents have been included and the design of the website has been updated to produce a website that is easier to read and operate.

[Main details of the renewal]

1. Establishment of new contents

“Groundwork for Tomorrow”

This section has been positioned as the brand page for the Kubota Group. It introduces the business results of Kubota in the areas of food, water and the environment from the company's establishment in 1890 up to the present day. The section introduces the total strength that Kubota has gained from the business in each of these fields and also introduces Kubota's vision for the future.

“Global Case Studies”

This section introduces case examples of efforts to solve problems in the sectors of food, water and the environment around the world and the contributions made to societies as a result. These examples are introduced per region and per product.


This section communicates the attitude of Kubota regarding manufacturing and also introduces examples of research and development and prospects for the future.

  • Groundwork for Tomorrow

  • Global Case Studies

  • R&D

2. Renewal of website design

The website design has been renewed to make the contents easier to understand visually, by using a large number of photographs, videos and images throughout the site. The value that Kubota offers to users is expressed in specific terms by including scenes of the products in use and scenes of employees at work.

  • Products page

  • Top page (movie)

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