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KUBOTA wins the Middle East's largest Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) in Muscat, Oman — Contributing to secure Oman's water resources with our superior technology —

December 28, 2015

KUBOTA Corporation is pleased to announce that our subsidiary KUBOTA Membrane Europe Ltd. (“KME”) is awarded the order for Submerged Membrane Units for Al Ansab STP from Doosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, Korea.

1. Outline of Order

Name of facility Al Ansab STP
Place Muscat City, Oman
Product KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit
Capacity 125,000 m3/d
Contract Award order on December 24, 2015
Completion August, 2017
Contractor Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

2. Background

Oman has no rivers but ground water for water resources. Therefore, securing water resources for irrigation and agriculture is Oman's important mission. Accordingly, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) must comply with one of the severest regulation for water reclamation as the possible level for irrigation and agriculture.
Because Muscat City is rapidly developing residential and commercial area, the existing STP needs to expand the capacity. KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Units have been employed at the existing STP for Phase I, and have been stable and serving its regulation ever since started operation in 2010. KUBOTA Submerged Membrane unit is providing simple operation and easy maintenance, while KUBOTA is providing our unique After Service very timely and adequately. Those are the reasons why the customer chose KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Units again for this expansion project (Phase II).

3. Outlook

The countries in the Middle East have the same problem as Oman. MBR is seldom selected for a large sewage treatment because of less reference. KUBOTA is planning to develop the large size MBR market in the Middle East using this reference and actual operational data as well as those of Canton Water Reclamation Facility in Ohio, USA (160,000m3/d) awarded in 2013.
It is our great honor and pleasure to contribute to improve water environment and secure water resources for the countries in the Middle East through our Submerged Membrane Unit with the superior technologies and excellent service.

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