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President's New Year Message for 2017(summary) "Realization of 'Global Major Brand Kubota'"
Strive toward the bright future just beyond the horizon!

January 5, 2017

  • This is a summary of messages aimed at Kubota Group officers and employees today.

Last year, we set forth the objective of advancing toward realization of “Global Major Brand Kubota” (“GMB Kubota”). As I travel among our sites and exhibitions both within Japan and overseas, everywhere I encounter people who are increasingly aware of the challenge that we have taken on. I am also pleased to note that your ongoing efforts to establish the Kubota Production System (KPS) are helping us to make reliable progress on achieving a seamless process from procurement through manufacturing to physical distribution.
I am pleased to reaffirm that the Kubota Group is blessed with people who possess a challenge-accepting spirit, and with frameworks for research and development, manufacturing, and services in which we can all take pride.

In order for the Kubota Group to “win the trust of many customers” ,we will need to build up the Kubota Group brand. To make this happen, we must keep our stakeholders, both at home and abroad, updated on our activities and help them to understand the business approach and values of the Kubota Group.
I would like you to be constantly conscious of your part in shaping the Kubota Brand. You have every reason to take pride and have confidence in your challenging spirit and everyday efforts, which are helping to pave the way toward establishing ourselves as the GMB Kubota, and to let the world know about those attributes.

The Kubota Group is facing challenges, both within Japan and internationally. We are being called upon to change the existing business model in Japan and to confront a pack of tough competitors in the wider world. The climb to the top is strewn with many obstacles but we will continue to take on challenges out of our earnest desire to “contribute to the global community in the areas of food, water, and the environment,” as stated in our Corporate Mission.
It would give me great pleasure to see you all challenge and overcome your perceived limitations and to work as one in our shared endeavor to win the trust of many customers. I look forward to working closely with you in 2017.

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