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President's New Year Message for 2019(summary) Full Speed Ahead to GMB!

January 7, 2019

Happy New Year, everyone!
A new year has begun. In this year of 2019, we will show Kubota’s real strength and make major strides.

For this year, we have set a net sales target of two trillion yen. But that number is just a transitional step on the path to realizing “Global Major Brand (GMB) Kubota.” Our ultimate goal is to become a “company (brand) that can make the greatest social contribution as a result of being trusted by the largest number of customers.”

As we strive to realize GMB Kubota, we will reiterate efforts to ensure the following basic principle-“Priority On-site Principle”and “Customer First Principle”.

For us to observe these fundamental principles, we need to have a workplace environment that fosters open communication. Superiors oversee their subordinates and are quick to perceive any change in behavior, while subordinates put trust in their superiors and seek advice when needed. Every member of the company shares his or her views with colleagues, which in turn helps to deepen mutual understanding. All you have to do is be a good communicator. After all, everything starts with greetings and open dialogue. Take the initiative to communicate with people around you and let the connections spread outward, thus connecting one Kubota employee with another, the Kubota Group with its customers, and the Kubota Group to a bright future.
Let's make a livery behavior in every workplace in Kubota Group with everyone’s determination, spirit and confidence. "Let’s get rolling!"

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