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President’s New Year Message (summary) “One Kubota” and “On Your Side” - Together We Can Bring About Innovation!

January 6, 2020

  • This is a summary of messages aimed at Kubota Group officers and employees today.

Yuichi Kitao
President and Representative Director
Kubota Corporation

Without question we are living through a time of uncertainty and turbulent change. With respect to our business, I foresee formidable future challenges in the areas of Food, Water, and the Environment over the next ten years. While I feel threatened by the rough waters ahead of us that could change the very structure and fabric of our business, I also see them as a great opportunity for business growth. For the Kubota Group to take advantage of this, it is important that we utilize new technologies and talented resources from both within the company and outside of it to “transform ourselves from a provider of individual products to a provider of total solutions.” Our Founder Gonshiro Kubota said, “Our products mean nothing if they are not useful for the good of society, no matter how technically excellent they are. Thus, we need to put all of our efforts and hearts into manufacturing our products.” This is in alignment with our Corporate Social Responsibilities. On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of our establishment, we shall give thought to our founding principles and once again remind ourselves that “there will be no growth without innovation.” Let’s stand together during these times of great uncertainty by upholding our Founder’s words, “If you try hard, you can get it done. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.”

I have two deep-rooted philosophies that I wish to share with you: “One Kubota” and “On Your Side.” “One Kubota,” is the core belief that every member of the company – whether you work in R&D, production, sales and service, administration, etc. — is essential to our group. Together, we can tackle various challenges and accomplish new heights, more than we could every do on our own. This philosophy must be ingrained in our DNA to deliver integrated and collaborative solutions, technological advancements and unique customer value in every segment of our business, rather than being constrained by existing business domains.
To be “On Your Side,” each and every employee must reconsider what we do each day, ensure we are incorporating the needs of the market into all our products and services, and look at it through the eyes or perspective of the customer (a “market-in” approach). We need to help them locate latent issues, provide solutions and deliver tangible value to their business and/or daily lifestyle. If we dedicate ourselves to the tenets of this principle, we will inherently begin to see an increase in innovations as we help our customers with problem-solving solutions.

I have long cherished these two philosophies, and I am passionate and determined to lead us into the future under the guidance of these values. I want you to join me in bringing about change and innovation to the future of Kubota to lay the foundation for continued prosperity in the decade to come.

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