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Proposed Commitment in Support of the United Nations Food Systems Summit

June 21, 2021

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan; President and Representative Director: Yuichi Kitao, hereinafter, “Kubota”) endorses the objectives of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (FSS: Food Systems Summit) scheduled to be held in September 2021, and has submitted its commitments regarding initiatives required for the transition to a sustainable food system.

Our Commitment to the United Nations Food Systems Summit

For over 130 years since its foundation, Kubota has contributed to resolving social issues through its business activities in the areas of food, water, and the environment under our brand statement of “For Earth, For Life.” We have defined our long-term vision as an “Essentials Innovator for Supporting Life,” committed to a prosperous society and cycle of nature, and this is an ideal shared by the 40,000 employees of the Kubota Group. Further, Kubota has also formulated an environmental vision addressing our target situation toward 2050 with the aim of realizing a carbon-neutral and resilient society.

Kubota has expressed its support for the objectives of the FSS, which call for concrete actions to make the change to sustainable food systems in order to achieve all of the Sustainable Development Goals and has submitted its commitments towards the realization of carbon-neutral agriculture and circular food production systems by 2050 to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in order to promote environmentally friendly agriculture and strengthen food systems.

Specific initiatives & goals (commitments)

  1. Contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society by reducing CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process and the operation of our agricultural machinery, and by curbing greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector.
  2. Contribute to the improvement of food productivity by promoting Smart Agriculture using AI and digital technologies.
  3. Contribute to the realization of a circular economy through resource recovery solutions from agricultural residue and food waste.
  4. Contribute to the establishment of an agricultural data linkage platform and the promotion of food-loss reduction by providing comprehensive digital solutions.

Kubota will work together with our various stakeholders in order to fulfill these commitments.

Our Commitment to the United Nations Food Systems Summit

The United Nations Food Systems Summit (FSS) is scheduled to be held in New York in September 2021 to have a discussion on solutions how to resolve issues related to five themes. Each country will be submitting their commitment towards the realization of a sustainable food system during the Summit. The Summit also calls for concrete actions required to establish a sustainable food system in which not only governments, but everyone involved in food systems, from production to consumption (producers, businesses and consumers, etc.) can participate and put into action.

Five Action Tracks of the FSS

  1. Ensure access to safe and nutritious food for all
    Establishment of stable food supply and food security
  2. Shift to sustainable consumption patterns
    Food education, healthy diets, the reduction of food loss, and the promotion of local production for local consumption
  3. Boost nature-positive production
    Addressing the environmental impact of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries (including digitization)
  4. Advance equitable livelihoods
    Providing employment opportunities and a stable livelihood for women and young people in agricultural, mountain and fishing villages and rural communities
  5. Build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress
    Strengthening food supply chains in consideration of pandemics
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