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New Year's Message from the President Let’s Fulfill the Mission Only Kubota Can Accomplish —
ESG Management that Is Uniquely Kubota = Solving Environmental and Social Problems Through Business

January 5, 2022

  • This is a summary of messages aimed at Kubota Group officers and employees today.

Yuichi Kitao
President and Representative Director
Kubota Corporation

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, this last year has tested whether we could evolve in response to changes in lifestyles and the work environment. One cannot help but feel that adapting to ever-changing social values, meeting society’s expectations, and continuing to evolve are critical for a company’s survival.

Our businesses that support aspects of the social infrastructure such as stable food supply and water infrastructures are needed by society, and it brings me pride that Kubota has been designated as an essential business people cannot do without.

Since Kubota was founded, we have been committed to providing the world products and services that solve social problems. This founding spirit has become our mission throughout our over 130-year history and lives on as part of our DNA. Our long-term vision GMB 2030, the goal of which is to become a GMB*, lays out where we want to be as a company: to become an “Essentials Innovator for Supporting life,” Committed to a Prosperous Society and Cycle of Nature in the fields of food, water, and the environment. As a company that strives to solve Environmental and Social problems, achieving this is our mission.

Going forward, we will adopt an ESG approach that is uniquely Kubota, in other words “K-ESG,” in the following four areas:

  • Solving environmental and social problems through business
  • Accelerating innovation to solve problems
  • Gaining empathy and participation of stakeholders
  • Building governance that increases sustainability

Today people are more selective about what companies they want to do business with. Going forward, people will look not only at the economic value a company generates, but also what social value it can create. Taking action with this keenly in mind will give us a foothold to gain empathy and participation of stakeholders.

The Kubota Group encompasses 40,000 people spanning different countries, regions, and organizations. Now is the time for every member to be of one mind and work together to evolve. Together let’s forge a new path.

  • GMB stands for “Global Major Brand.” It means to become a company (i.e., brand) that not only has among the world’s highest sales and profits, but also can contribute the most to society by being trusted by the largest number of customers.
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