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Launch of Kubota Engine Discovery 100th Anniversary Website

July 26, 2022
Kubota Corporation

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan; President and Representative Director: Yuichi Kitao; hereinafter “Kubota”) launched the Kubota Engine Discovery 100th Anniversary Website in commemoration of a century in the engine business. Since it began production of the Agricultural Oil Engine Type A in 1922, Kubota has continued to deliver high-quality engines as power sources for various industrial equipment. Thus far, it has distributed a cumulative total of over 30 million engines for industrial use throughout the world. As an engine manufacturer satisfying the diverse needs of customers and society, Kubota has consistently expanded its engine lineup, contributed to the creation of a more comfortable lifestyle environment, and supported the future of people and the Earth.

1. Overview of the Kubota Engine Discovery 100th Anniversary Website

Kubota Engine Discovery introduces and shares the magnificent 100-year history of Kubota Engine through six sections:
  1. Concept
    This section presents a video outlining the concept behind the Kubota Engine Discovery website.
  2. Story
    This section tells the story of Kubota through its century of history.
  3. Gallery
    This section introduces each engine model manufactured by Kubota over its 100 years in the engine business through 360-degree 3D images.
  4. Factory
    This section offers a unique glance into the manufacturing process of Kubota engines from the design and development through delivery.
  5. Dictionary
    This section provides a reference of keywords and specialized terminology related to Kubota engines.
  6. Magazine
    This section offers insight into everything regarding Kubota engines from a wide range of topics.

Chinese: Coming Soon

2. Overview of the Kubota Engine Business

  • Kubota has not only supplied its engines as power sources for its own products but also for the products of other industrial machine manufacturers throughout the world. The products using these engines span a variety of applications, including agricultural and construction machinery as well as power generators. Kubota currently manufactures 3,000 different types of engines to satisfy diverse customer needs.
  • The strength of Kubota engines is a compact design that provides high power density. After earning tremendous support from customers throughout the globe, Kubota is proud to hold the top share worldwide* for industrial diesel engines up to 100 horsepower.
  • Kubota has consistently pioneered engines globally under ever-stricter emission regulations. Kubota will always strive to provide an even broader lineup of products to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.
  • Source: Power Systems Research 2021
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