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New Year’s Message from the President Yuichi Kitao Succeeding in the New Phase through Our Own “Advancement and Transformation” to realize Global Major Brand

January 6, 2023

  • This is a summary of messages aimed at Kubota Group officers and employees today.

The Kubota Group aspires to be a Global Major Brand*, meaning that we aim to become a “company that can make the greatest social contribution as a result of being trusted by the largest number of customers.” And in our long-term vision GMB2030, we defined our role as the “Essentials Innovator for Supporting Life” committed to a prosperous society and cycle of nature, in order to resolve social issues in the fields of food, water, and the environment.
Globalization has taken a new turn at a time of drastic change in the market environment and there have been many startups and new entrants from other sectors. There is a sense of urgency. We adjust ourselves to a new phase of globalization and gather speed for business operations in a bid to accomplish GMB2030. We need our own advancement and transformation.

This year, I have three requests to you all.
First, I ask you to advance and transform your work.
I want many persons will be doing jobs that help them grow and add more value to their work. Instead of simply making our operations more efficient, let’s evolve and transform your work while pursuing DX. The criteria for judgement should be whether the work contributes to customer value and corporate value.

My second request is that you create open workplaces where people can speak their minds.
Advancement and transformation of work cannot be achieved without an environment that allows people to openly make suggestions towards those ends. I had the opportunity to talk with employees with diverse ways of thinking at town hall meetings held in 2022 and on other occasions, and this reminded me of the importance of human resources. So let us join forces to establish workplace environments that encourage our younger employees in particular to take on challenges.

Thirdly, I ask you to challenge something new.
Your efforts to learn the direction in which the company is headed, fully understand it, and take on your personal challenges that will make you feel satisfies with what you do and how you will grow as a person. Your challenge itself is a major driving force for the company.

Please keep my three requests in mind as you make 2023 a year for action. All members of the Kubota Group around the world jointly ride out the major waves of change to come.

  • Global Major Brand(GMB) means to become a company (i.e., brand) that not only has among the world’s highest sales and profits, but also can contribute the most to society by being trusted by the largest number of customers.
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