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Relocating Kubota’s Head Office to the Umekita 2nd Project’s GRAND GREEN OSAKA To Accelerate Innovation

May 22, 2024
Kubota Corporation

In May 2026, the Kubota Group will relocate its head office to the Umekita 2nd Project’s GRAND GREEN OSAKA Park Tower. Park Tower will be one of the largest office towers in western Japan, located northwest of JR Osaka Station. We will take advantage of its location to accelerate innovation and generate synergy within the company through advanced information technology, aiming to achieve sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value.

  • Planned final design of GRAND GREEN OSAKA Park Tower (Source: GRAND GREEN OSAKA Developer)

1. Overview of relocation

Relocation site: 15F-19F, GRAND GREEN OSAKA Park Tower (Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-city)
Planned relocation date: May 2026

2. Background and aims of relocation

  • To address social challenges in areas such as food, water, and the environment, Kubota is not only strengthening its existing manufacturing business but also its solutions business by utilizing ICT. To this end, it is essential that we create further synergy between our businesses and promote open innovation based on cooperation with external stakeholders.
  • Our current head office, located in Naniwa-ku, Osaka-city, comprises five buildings. They were constructed around 1970 and are showing signs of deterioration. Moreover, due to a lack of office space, it is difficult for us to introduce systems for facilitating communication among group companies and departments and to secure space for communication with partner firms.
  • Therefore, we have decided to relocate our head office to the Umekita 2nd Project’s GRAND GREEN OSAKA Park Tower, located northwest of Osaka Station, in 2026. The new office will serve as a space for diverse employees from different countries and organizations to gather and interact. In addition, we will engage in work style reform by leveraging generative AI and other advanced information technologies.
  • Based on the concept of innovation creation, GRAND GREEN OSAKA aims to promote urban development by serving as a hub for information, people, and technology and as a base for new activities and innovation. Taking advantage of its location, we will strengthen cooperation with companies, research institutions, and other organizations and accelerate open innovation, aiming to achieve Kubota’s sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value.
  • As for the current head office grounds, we are exploring effective land utilization methods that will contribute to greater growth and development of the area.

3. Features of the new office

< Space design that promotes collaboration >

GRAND GREEN OSAKA is expected to bring together a diverse range of players, including large corporations, startups, universities, research institutions, venture capital firms, and creators. Taking advantage of the new office’s location, we will create a “collaboration area” where customers and partner firms from globe can drop by to engage in communication. In the collaboration area, we will also create a co-creation space where we will work with partner IT firms and accelerate our efforts to foster DX human resources that will drive innovation creation.

< Work style reform >

The new office will adopt generative AI and other advanced information technologies toward promoting work style reform with a focus on innovation creation. By stimulating communication in all directions between not only domestic but also overseas employees, and by creating a system for widely sharing information, ideas, and knowledge, we will create new value, generate synergy between organizations, and accelerate the strengthening of our solutions business.

< Promoting health and productivity management, and improving engagement >

One of the concepts of GRAND GREEN OSAKA is to contribute to building a society in which people respect their differences—whether nationality, age, gender, or special needs—and share their values, and where each individual can feel improvement in their quality of life. Resonating with this idea, Kubota will promote health and productivity management and raise employee engagement in the new office space through actively engaging in various forms of human capital investment, such as creating a workplace friendly to all employees and enhancing reskilling programs.

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