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The Autonomous Sprayer Concept Model Co-developed with
Pulverizadores Fede Receives
the FIMA Technical Novelty Award 2024

February 21, 2024
Kubota Corporation

Pulverizadores Fede, S.L., (Hereinafter “Fede”) a group company of Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan; President and Representative Director: Yuichi Kitao), received the Technical Novelty Award 2024 in FIMA, an international agricultural machinery fair held in Spain. The autonomous sprayer concept model “KFAST” co-developed with Kubota was rated highly as it significantly improves work productivity on farms and is in line with Europe's efforts to reduce environmental load and pursue sustainable growth.

  • Concept model “KFAST”

  • Fede’s members
    who participated in the award ceremony

1. Award details

  • Fede exhibited the autonomous sprayer concept model “KFAST,” which was co-developed with Kubota, in FIMA, an international agricultural machinery fair in Spain, and received the Technical Novelty Award , which is given to a product that is superior in terms of technical contribution, innovativeness, and market needs.
  • KFAST was rated highly because it is capable of spraying pesticides in an orchard with a high degree of accuracy while autonomous driving and thus is expected to increase productivity significantly and improve the work environment by greatly reducing workers’ exposure to pesticides.
  • KFAST is equipped with a system called AIs, which is composed of sensing cameras and AI. With AIs sensing the position and shape of trees, the volume of pesticides sprayed from the sprayer is optimized in real time on the basis of data collected. This reduces the amount of pesticides used and lowers environmental load.
  • KFAST runs autonomously using cameras and sensors, thus reducing the number of workers required for spraying pesticides. It becomes unnecessary to secure skilled workers and makes it possible to spray pesticides accurately, contributing to a reduction in production costs.
  • This award will encourage us to accelerate development with commercialization in mind and promote the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of orchards in order to contribute to an improvement in productivity and reduction in environmental load.


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