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Global Institute of Technology

Osaka, Japan

Major R&D Areas
  • Development of agricultural machinery and construction machinery
  • Advanced data processing technologies, such as IoT, ICT, and AI
  • Technology related to carbon neutrality

Established in 2022, Global Institute of Technology aims to promote collaboration of Kubota’s R&D system globally and strengthen product development and advanced technology development.
It is the largest development base in Japan, with test courses and experimental fields on a site of approximately 346,000㎡, as well as new and expanded testing equipment capable of 24-hour continuous automatic operation to streamline research and development.
In addition to the various product technology divisions, the basic technology division conducting materials research and various analyses, the quality assurance and procurement divisions which are necessary for high-precision product research, and the development management and promotion divisions, which support these divisions, are all gathered in one place. We aim to create innovation through active communication.
Through the enhancement and implementation of advanced technologies such as IoT, ICT, and AI, Global Institute of Technology will provide higher value-added products and solutions to customers around the world more quickly. Also, we will accelerate the development of products and technologies to achieve carbon neutrality, including electrified products.