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Kubota Research & Development Europe SAS

Crépy-en-Valois, France

Major R&D Areas
  • Research and development of large tractors for the dry-field farming market
  • Research and development of cutting-edge tractor technologies
  • Cooperative control with implements
  • Improvement of market compatibility

Kubota Research & Development Europe SAS was established in 2020 as a research and development center for large dry-field farming tractors and other products. In 2021, it officially launched its development activities at a facility in Crépy-en-Valois, near Paris in France, an agricultural leader. In addition to its modern and highly capable design and research building, the center is equipped with a large test course that can accommodate high-speed driving, state-of-the-art bench testing equipment, and test fields that are used to promote the development of new products for Europe as well as North America, Japan, Asia, and Australia. Through optimized matching and synergy with Kvernaland implements, Kubota is promoting optimal and coordinated control of tractors and implements for various farming tasks, while proactively promoting concurrent activities with KFM, its large tractor manufacturing plant in France, to develop new products with a low carbon footprint, premium quality, and ease of assembly.

Behind the Scenes: Research & Development

  • Analyzing the work capacity of a loader attached to a large tractor.

  • Driving test on an incline to confirm the safety of towing by a large tractor.

  • Off-road driving tests with various implements installed.

  • Checking the engine performance of a large tractor.

  • Simulation of large tractor driving under various conditions.

  • Engineers exchanging opinions on product and component specifications.