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Kubota Research & Development North America Corporation

Georgia, U.S.A.

Major R&D Areas
  • Development of riding mowers
  • Development of utility vehicles
  • Development of front loaders and backhoes for tractors
  • Performance evaluation for other products (including tractors) for the North American market

Kubota Research & Development North America Corporation was established in 2022 as a new research and development center for riding mowers, utility vehicles, tractor implements, and other products for which businesses are being developed primarily for North America. This approximately 300-acre (approx. 1,200,000㎡) facility, the largest of Kubota's R&D centers, includes a turf farm, a high-speed vehicle test course, a trail course, and a vehicle test site including a digging field. It also has a bench testing facility with a low-temperature test building capable of testing M8 tractors, which have the most horsepower among Kubota’s tractors. The advancement of next-level development capabilities will help to ensure the quality of products for the North American market. In addition, the center promotes locally-led development in cooperation with North American sales and manufacturing partners. It will quickly provide customers with appealing products tailored to local needs.

Behind the Scenes: Research & Development

  • Tests for various work environments, including slopes.

  • Testing utility vehicles on a course assuming off-road conditions in North America.

  • Driving tests on bumpy roads to confirm the safety of the utility vehicle.

  • Checking the performance and the quality of the product by verifying the length of the turf after mowing.

  • Verifying mowing performance for different type of turf.

  • An engineer checking the engine performance of the turf equipment.