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Kubota Research & Development Asia

Pathumthani, Thailand

Major R&D Areas
  • Development of various tractor implements
  • Development of attachments for combine harvesters, rice transplanters and excavators to expand the business area
  • Development of specialized machineries for crop harvest
  • Verification of local-specific compatibility and durability of tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanters, construction machinery

In order to contribute to mechanization of agricultural practice throughout the ASEAN region, SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Kubota Research & Development Asia was established in 2016. It is devoting the utmost effort to reinforce its product line by accelerating the drive to develop agricultural machinery customized for the local crops, field conditions and work processes.
For neighboring countries of Thailand and other member of ASEAN including Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, Kubota holds the mission to accomplish the integrated system of agricultural mechanization from soil making, planting, maintenance to harvesting their main crops such as rice, sugar cane, cassava, maize, etc.
SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Kubota Research & Development Asia is engaged in developing implements and attachments for agricultural machinery and excavators along with developing harvesting machines for the main crops. Through such R&D, Kubota intends to gain its presence in the agricultural machinery business in the region.

Behind the Scenes: Research & Development

  • Watching a new machine under development and generating creative ideas.

  • Running a simulation on actual field load of a cultivator using a bench test equipment.

  • Testing continuous load durability of a transmission by using a bench test equipment.

  • Amid the fundamental research of a tractor implement for field farming.

  • Executing road test of a tractor and its implements at the dedicated test course.

  • Checking the turning performance of a combine harvester at the test track.

  • Confirming the fundamental performance of a cassava harvester at the basic test field.