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After-Sale Service

Kubota emphasize after-sale service for comfortable use of customers.

Menu of After-Sale Services

We highly value our customers and After-Sale Services is how we keep these relationships positive. The table below is a summary of some of the services that Kubota offers in our regions of operation.

Menu Asia* North America** Europe and South America***
1 Installation and Commissioning Support
2 Remote Monitoring of Operation
3 Periodic Inspection
4 Performance Test of Membrane Cartridges
5 Notice of Proper Replacement Time
6 Periodic Replacement of Parts
7 Workshops

* KUBOTA Corporation
** Kubota Membrane U.S.A. Corporation Visit Website
*** Kubota Membrane Europe Ltd. Visit Website

Service Contents

1. Installation and Commissioning Support

We will supervise the installation of our membranes, provide a clean water test, and the startup of operation to ensure the proper operation of our MBR equipment.

2. Remote Monitoring

We will remotely monitor the filtration rate, filtration pressure, sludge pH, DO, and other parameters to check for abnormalities. If an abnormality is found, we will inform the customer immediately, submit the measured data, and propose a plan for improvement.

3. Periodic Inspection

We will periodically visit and check the performance and functions of the MBR system.
If required, we will submit a proposal of how to improve operating conditions. Our periodic inspections can include:

  • Interview of operator to discuss operating conditions
  • A visual check of the membrane cartridges
  • Measurement of sludge viscosity
  • ・Measurement of filterability with paper filtration
  • Measurement of nutrient concentrations in raw water, treated water, and activated sludge etc.

4. Membrane Strength Test

We provide a free membrane strength test. This includes Kubota staff taking several membranes (which we replace free of charge) to test the fouling and tensile strength.

If a large amount of fouling has occurred, we will take time to identify the fouling substances with high-tech analyzers and find the most appropriate cleaning method. The testing will include some of the follow:

  • Measurement of flux with clean water before and after chemical cleaning
  • Measurement of tensile strength of the welding line on the membrane cartridge
  • Observation of membrane surface (SEM)
  • Observation of inorganic elements on membrane surface (SEM-EDX)

5. Notice of Proper Replacement Time

We periodically contact the Customer to inform them of when to replace parts as required.

6. Periodic Replacement of Parts

We supply and replace the following:

  • Retaining Rubber (once every three years*1)
  • Tube (once every three years*1)
  • Membrane Cartridge

*1 Replacement time depends on unit model.

7. Workshops

We periodically hold workshop to share engineering information with our operators to help them run their plants as smoothly and efficiently as possible. These workshops can also be provided at the request of a customer.

Workshop material (sample)

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