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Product technology

Simple Process

Kubota MBR system is more compact than Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) system. And also, Kubota MBR system has less equipment than the other MBR systems.

Smaller Footprint

KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® can operate over a wider range of MLSS than competitor membranes. Operating at a higher MLSS increases the treatment capacity per volume, offers the advantage of smaller tank sizes and smaller system footprints.
KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® also offers great operational flexibility, being able to operate at lower MLSS concentrations as well. If the flow or concentration of MBR influent is lower than originally designed, the system can be re-optimized by simply lowering the MLSS concentration and decreasing mechanical aeration for the biology.

Less Energy Consumption

KUBOTA proposes a ”Combined MBR system” that can simultaneously perform biological treatment and membrane filtration as one of the design approach for MBR systems. In this system, KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® supplies AIR for effective Oxygen and membrane scouring at once. This reduces the energy of the blowers used in MBR facilities.

Smaller Equipment List

KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® can be cleaned in place without the need to drain the activated sludge. This eliminates the need for a separate chemical cleaning tank and any membrane lifting equipment. Such additional equipment is needed by some other membrane types that require a recovery clean.

Low-cost filtration

KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® has microfiltration membranes rather than ultrafiltration membranes. Kubota’s membrane pore size decreases the amount of energy required to pull water through the membrane, this allows flexible filtration options that ultrafiltration membranes cannot support. KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® filtration can be driven by Siphon alone (gravity option), pumps, or a combination of the two (Pump Assisted Gravity Filtration for peak hydraulic loads). Kubota MBR system can decrease operational costs by using only Siphon filtration if six to ten feet of water head are available at the proposed site.

Easy Maintenance

Kubota MBR system can be maintained more easily and more economically than the other MBR systems.

Low-cost chemical cleaning

All membrane types require chemical cleaning at some point. For KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit®, Chemical Cleaning of membrane units is done In-Situ, without draining sludge. Many other membrane types require Ex-Situ Chemical Cleaning, which requires an additional tank, and disconnecting, lifting and reconnecting the membrane units. KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® avoids this massive need for labor hours, material and larger amounts of cleaning chemicals.

Economical Membrane Replacement

If membranes break they need to be replaced to prevent contaminating the treated water. Because KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® uses transparent tubes for permeate passages, it is easy to find a damaged cartridge. Some other membranes can only replace a whole cassette (groupings of cartridges), while KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® can replace just one membrane cartridge in a cassette. This lowers replacement cost by avoiding waste of functional membrane cartridges.

Easy Storage

Membrane materials have different affinities to water. Membranes with low hydrophilicity have to be stored at low temperatures in hydrophilic agent for immediate use. KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® comes pre-treated with a hydrophilic agent and can be used either immediately upon arrival or after storage.


KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® has longer membrane lifespan due to the configuration of membrane cartridge and the structure of membrane sheet.

Less debris accumulation

Fibrous debris in the influent can get tangled on membranes and other equipment. Because KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® has 'Flat Plat' configration, it is unlikely for fibers to get caught in the membrane. The result is decreased blockage and longer stable operation.

Excellent chemical and physical durability

Membrane sheet is structured with multiple layers, thus it is more durable to outer chemical and physical damages than other membranes types with similar shapes. The result is longer membrane lifespan and safety if membranes require physical cleaning.

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