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Our Technologies

Introducing various
technologies which have
been utilized in our products.

Kubota will propose and provide proper MBR system according to the technology and experience cultivated in wastewater in more than 5,500 installations.

Kubota is a general manufacturer of wastewater treatment process equipment. We have made efforts to improve MBR process from general viewpoints.

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Kubota's technology and products have built a solid reputation worldwide. Even at the corner side of the world, you will find Kubota.

Kubota's research and development values thorough hands-on approach. As an agricultural and water expert, we challenge and attain the future of food, water, and the environment, realizing our customer’s needs.

Find Kubota in Your Country Kubota Group is a global manufacturing company, specializing in agriculture, water, and living environment products, with a worldwide network over 120 areas.