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Business Overview

From 1991, as a pioneer of MBR market, KUBOTA Corporation has wrestled so that KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® is used to treat sewage and industrial wastewater all over the world.For a quarter century, we have cultivated high level of technological capability while increasing the number of applications and experience. With this strength, we offer even better support and keep responding to our customers. We are excited to offer MBR systems using the KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit®.


1986 Started membrane business
1988 Launched activated sludge system with tubular membranes
1991 Launched Submerged Membrane unit
1991 Commissioned 1st Kubota SMU Plant as Johkasou
1993 Commissioned 1st Kubota SMU Plant for night soil treatment
1994 Established Takusui Co., Ltd.(now called Kubota Membrane Co., Ltd.)
1995 Acquired Johkasou type approval certificate
1996 Commissioned 1st Kubota SMU for industrial wastewater treatment
1998 Commissioned Kubota SMU for the 1st MBR sewage treatment plant in Europe (Porlock Sewage Treatment Plant, UK, 1,900m³/d)
1999 Completed development of MBR for rural community sewerage (JARUS Membrane type)
2000 Commissioned an MBR facility in a large-scale sewage plant (Swange Sewage Treatment Plant, UK, 12,090m³/d)
2001 Established Kubota Membrane Europe Ltd.(KME)
2002 Launched type ES/EK Membrane Units
2003 Acquired Title 221) license
2005 Established Kubota Membrane U.S.A. Corporation(KMU)
2005 Commissioned Kubota SMU for the 1st MBR sewage treatment plant in Japan (Fukuzaki Sewage Treatment Center, Japan, 2,100m³/d 2) )
2008 Opened a business office in Dubai
2009 Launched type RM/RW Membrane Units
2011 Established Kubota Environmental Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
2011 Commissioned Japanese MBR plant3) (Sambo Sewage Treatment Plant, Japan, 60,000m³/d, ~2014)
2013 Accepted orders for North American largest-class MBR facility (Canton Water Reclamation Facility, USA, 159,000m³/d)
2014 Opened Brazillian Agent of KME
2015 Accepted orders for the Middle East's largest Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)(Al Ansab Sewage Treatment Plant, Oman, 125,000m³/d)
2016 Established Canton R&D center
2017 Commissioned Japanese largest MBR plant (Nakahama Sewage Treatment Plant, Japan, 40,000m³/d)

1) Californian standards of sewage reuse, which is regarded to be world's strictest.
2) 2,100m³/d in 1st stage, 2,100m³/d in 2nd stage (2008), and 4,200m³/d in 3rd stage (2011)
3) Installed for keeping treatment capacity for about three years when the existing facility was transferred.

The Number of Installations

Industrial Installation Breakdown

1) including brewery
2) including electrical machinery industry
3) including eating and drinking services and accommodations
4) including landfill leachate

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Kubota's technology and products have built a solid reputation worldwide. Even at the corner side of the world, you will find Kubota.

Kubota's research and development values thorough hands-on approach. As an agricultural and water expert, we challenge and attain the future of food, water, and the environment, realizing our customer’s needs.

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