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The New Challenge of Solving Global Food Problems France


The year 2015 will certainly be an epoch-making milestone for Kubota.
This is because Kubota made a full-scale entry into the global market for large scale commercial farming in 2015.
Kubota has long been supplying high-quality agricultural machinery to the rice cultivation market and has earned a very good reputation.
However, dry-field farming, which occupies roughly four times the acreage of rice cultivation, had been virtually untapped until recently.
Aiming for entry into large scale commercial farming, Kubota has embarked on full-scale development of large tractors for the first time since the foundation of the company, and established a manufacturing base in France.
Entry into large scale commercial farming with large tractors is actually the beginning of a new challenge for Kubota: solving the world's food problems.
“M7001 series” large tractors, born in France, will raise the curtain of the new history of Kubota.


Population Approximately 66,320,000 people
(as of Jan. 1, 2015, French National Institute of Statistics and Economics Studies: INSEE)
Land Area 544,000 Km2 (mainland, French National Institute of Statistics and Economics Studies: INSEE)
Main industries,
Industrial characteristics
Chemical industry, machinery industry, food industry, textile industry, aviation industry, nuclear industry, etc. Biggest agriculture in Western Europe. Cutting-edge industries, especially aerospace industry, nuclear industry, etc., are developing.
Main trade Item (2014)
(French Customs)
Export: Agricultural products, electrical equipment/machinery and mechanical appliances, chemicals/perfumes/cosmetics, aircraft/spacecraft Import: Energy, electrical equipment/machinery
Main trading partners (2014)
(French Customs)
Export: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, U.S.A, etc.
Import: Germany, China (including Hong Kong), Belgium, Italy, U.S.A, Spain, etc.



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December, 2015
“The New Challenge of Solving Global Food Problems France”