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Sustainable Economic Development in a Population Powerhouse India


A population powerhouse with continuing rapid economic growth, India is gaining global recognition as a leading BRICs country. Because it is one of the world’s largest agricultural countries and the single largest market for tractors, Kubota has been working hard to develop the type of tractors that match user needs in India. In 2015, Kubota succeeded with the introduction of the MU5501, a new type of multi-purpose tractor, as a part of its full-scale entry into this market. The MU5501 multi-purpose tractor was developed through the implementation of a thorough market-in approach to effectively meet user needs in a market where tractors are employed mainly in upland farming. The MU5501 is set to play an extremely important role in Kubota’s future. Tackling the massive Indian market and establishing a presence means contributing to the sustainable economic development of this population powerhouse, including the agricultural sector, which will lead directly to the achievement of a priority Kubota goal - the provision of solutions to global food problems. Kubota’s future dreams are riding on the new multi-purpose MU5501.


Land area 3,287,469 km2 (Indian government data; includes disputed areas with Pakistan and China) (Census 2011)
Population 1,210.57 million (Census 2011) Population growth rate: 17.68% (over 10 years: Census 2011)
Religion Hindus: 79.8%, Muslims: 14.2%, Christians: 2.3%, Sikhs: 1.7%, Buddhists: 0.7%, Jainists: 0.4% (Census 2011)
Major industries Agriculture, industry, mining, IT industry
Nominal GDP US $ 2,074 billion (World Bank data 2015)
GDP per capita US $ 1,581 (World Bank data 2015)
GDP growth rate 7.6% (Indian government data 2015)



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December, 2016
“Sustainable Economic Development in a Population Powerhouse India”

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